Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Jay Chou Duetted With The Dead Teresa Teng [VIDEO]

It appears that Jay Chou has perfected the Edo Tensei (Impure World Reincarnation) summoning technique to resurrect the dead pop diva Teresa Teng. Too much of Naruto...OK! No disrespect but the late Teresa Teng did come back from the dead to duet with Jay Chou. Of course she came back not in flesh and blood...duh...it would be beyond frightening. A computer-generated likeness of Teresa Teng had surely impressed the 15,000 fans in Jay Chou's concert, especially the "elders". Wow...even old folks are Jay Chou's fans?

 photo JayChouSingsWithTeresateng02_zps813b2939.jpg
Teresa Teng & Jay Chou

Teresa Teng "appeared" onstage to sing 3 duets with Jay Chou. Teresa Teng's amazing virtual comeback was made possible by a detailed recreation of her mannerisms and expressions which was painstakingly created by Digital Domain 3.0, a California company specializing in digital imagery for the entertainment industry. Dressed in an elegant white gown, Teresa joined Jay Chou in her very own popular What Have You To Say?

 photo JayChouSingsWithTeresateng03_zpsc45a2497.jpg
Teresa Teng performed a duet with Jay Chou

 photo JayChouSingsWithTeresateng04_zps93ced840.jpg
She looked so real right?

One can't help but feel that Teresa Teng was really there onstage, belting out her melodious song together with Jay Chou. I'm sure a lot of Teresa's fans were in tears upon seeing their late idol again. Then Teresa even performed another 2 duets of Jay Chou's well-known Red Tavern and Thousand Miles Away. Her performance seemed so vividly real. The way Teresa and Jay Chou looked at each other while singing made the duets seemed flawlessly believable! Let's watch their duets shall we?

Watch Teresa Teng sings with Jay Chou

What do you think? I believe Jay Chou is not merely a singer anymore. He's a very accomplished entertainer that does what others impossible. We have to give it to Jay Chou again, for bringing his concert performance to another level! Who would have thought about this right? Resurrecting someone to duet with you in a concert! It's a fitting tribute to the late Teresa Teng. :)

 photo JayChouSingsWithTeresateng01_zpsf4139152.jpg
It's good to see you again-Teresa Teng.