Friday, August 16, 2013

The New Proton Suprima S

So Proton has finally updated the catalog with another new car-The Suprima S. Wow! It sure sounds very "geng" right? Also known as Preve Hatchback, the new Proton Suprima S will be launched tomorrow-17th of August 2013, Saturday. So if you are looking for a new car, chances is that Suprima S might fit the bill for you. The new Proton car was spotted some time ago in KL Sentral without much masking and tapes, probably because an advertisement of it was being shot.

 photo 01ProtonSuprimaS-ProtonPreveHatchback_zpsf133babf.jpg

Fast forward-tomorrow all of us will be looking at a new car from Proton. If you are hoping that this new Proton Suprima S to be different from its other siblings in the Proton Stable, you would be dissapointed. But if you love the design of Proton Preve, you will like the Suprima S as well. The front part of Suprima S looks identical to that of Proton Preve. The only difference is of course the backside. So essentially Suprima S is the hatchback version of Proton why isn't it called Preve H or S or something right?

 photo 02ProtonSuprimaS-ProtonPreveHatchback_zps323f1fad.jpg

 photo 03ProtonSuprimaS-ProtonPreveHatchback_zps18d9b3f3.jpg

 photo 04ProtonSuprimaS-ProtonPreveHatchback_zps0f99d482.jpg

 photo 05ProtonSuprimaS-ProtonPreveHatchback_zpsbeb65b7a.jpg

I believe that Proton Suprima S will also come with 2 different engines which are the IAFM+ and the CFE, both of 1.6 litre capacity. Just like Proton Preve, I believe there might a 5-speed Getrag manual which is joined by two Punch CVT variations, the VT2 and VT3 respectively. I understand that Proton Suprima S will be priced slightly lower than Proton Preve. Perhaps there will be more surprises for prospective buyers with Suprima S "built-in value" tagline. So folks, are you excited with Proton Suprima S? Do you like the design?