Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Go To Hell You Robbers!

Warning: This is a wrath-laden post fumed with vengeance and indignation!

Last week was a week that I would rather want to forget! It all started on Thursday night. I went outside to buy supper for my family-roti planta. Then when I was on the way back home, I realized something was totally amiss! I immediately pulled over and my guts were freaking right-MY WALLET IS MISSING! I was so panic. I quickly returned to the mamak stall (which is 150 metres away) to see if I could find it. Nothing...my wallet had gone...kaput in less than 2 minutes.

 photo 01GoToHellYouRobbers_zps31a3ab4d.jpg
The sports rims are gone...

I had tried searching again frantically hoping that miracle could happen. Unfortunately that was not my day...I found nothing and I dejected returned home only to find out that my ID, credit cards and bank cards were in my (motorbike) basket! Thank God! I was so relieved that these important cards did not go missing if not I would had been in deep trouble! The the thief who took my wallet and ran away with it...GO TO HELL!

 photo 02GoToHellYouRobbers_zps85b38db3.jpg
Looks like a "prancing horse" aye? Thanks to the robbers!

The worst had happened that night...or so I thought. When my family woke up the next day-Friday, we were in for a "rude" awakening! Both the sports rims of my daddy's motorbike had been stolen! Why such thing would happen? This had caused so much inconvenience to my family and not to mention money. Altogether we needed to fork out around RM700 to replace the missing sports rims together with the tyres.

 photo 03GoToHellYouRobbers_zps2d82c533.jpg
Curse those robbers!

I really, really, really hope that those ROBBERS WILL GO TO HELL! It's good that these kind of evil people will end up dying in an accident, with their bodies mangled or something...yeah~I am cursing them! Till today I am still fu*cking annoyed that we have such useless parasites living among us! I hope they will rot in hell-18 levels of them! They dared to do such things during this unholy hungry ghost month huh! You will rot in hell! Arrgghhhh....CURSE YOU ROBBERS!