Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Volkswagen Beetle With Eyelashes

We were walking to our car the other day and that was when we spotted this unbelievable car with its even more unbelievable "accessories". A Volkswagen Beetle with long eyelashes! Yes~initially I thought, perhaps my eyes were playing tricks on me. But upon closer scrutiny, I realized there was beautifully curled eyelashes sticking out on the eyes (lamps) of this white Beetle. I wonder if mascara has to be used every day to maintain those perfect curls. LOL :D

 photo 01VolkswagenBeetleWithEyelashes_zps255ac3c0.jpg

 photo 02VolkswagenBeetleWithEyelashes_zpsffbca6c6.jpg

 photo 03VolkswagenBeetleWithEyelashes_zps00537c55.jpg

 photo 04VolkswagenBeetleWithEyelashes_zpsd36f9ada.jpg

 photo 05VolkswagenBeetleWithEyelashes_zpsc8bd131e.jpg

So what do you think? Will you add such eyelashes if you were to own a Volkswagen Beetle? Or what other "add-on" will you make? A mustache? A goatee? LOL :D I guess the owner of this RM180ks Beetle really loves to stand out in the crowd huh. After all you are what you drive right? So do you think the owner of this Volkswagen Beetle is a male or a female?