Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Perodua Jaguh Is A Hoax

If you are a faithful Perodua fan who is waiting for their very first sedan, you will be disappointed to know that the purportedly leaked photos of Perodua Jaguh is actually a hoax! Yes! They are fake, photoshopped photos! Those of you who have been eagerly waiting for a brand new car from Perodua will have to wait much longer. Theophilus who leaked the so-called Perodua Jaguh brochure has apologized for his prank. No offense bro as the car itself looks so not cool at all. :/

 photo PeroduaJaguhHoaxToyotaEtios02_zpsb2e362aa.jpg
Damn~the brochure of Perodua Jaguh looks so real aye?

The Perodua Jaguh that Theophilus made up looks a bit like Toyota Etios. So how did he made so many of you believe in this new non-existence Jaguh? First all the Toyota badges were replaced with Perodua’s, including the badges in the interior pictures. The rear lights, trunk and bumper slightly for a less slabby look. Jaguh’s exterior had been moved the side indicator to the mirror housing. Besides the Jaguh door handles were actually photoshopped from the Myvi.  The face of Jaguh has been give slimmer lamps, more rounded bumper and smaller grille. Last but not least, Perodua Jaguh's side skirting and wheels were borrowed from Alza.

 photo PeroduaJaguhHoaxToyotaEtios01_zps094fe905.jpg
The rear view of Perodua Jaguh.

 photo PeroduaJaguhHoaxToyotaEtios04_zps3465e25a.jpg
The brochure showing the specifications and features of the new "Perodua Jaguh"

I personally think that Theophilus had done an amazing job in metamorphosing Perodua Jaguh from at least 3 different cars (Toyota Etios + Myvi + Alza). A lot of people actually believed in this viral brochure and photos of Perodua Jaguh that were leaked. Thank goodness it was only a hoax right? I am not impressed at all if this is how Perodua very first sedan will look like. So boring and "ancient". What do you think? By the way...the name Jaguh sounds more like Jagung (corn), I am sure Perodua will think of a cooler name. Ha :D

 photo PeroduaJaguhHoaxToyotaEtios03_zps0609da5a.jpg
But then again the original Toyota Etios looks beautiful. :)