Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Kampung Air @ Bukit Merah Laketown Resort

After marveling the beautiful lake at Bukit Merah, we headed towards a "village" where visitors can stay overnight if they are from far, far away. I didn't really get a lot of shots of this Kampung Air. The village has this rustic feeling to it. All the double-storey houses were built using woods. Perhaps to give city dwellers a taste of traditional, idyllic living-away from the hustle and bustle or their concrete jungles. I personally don't mind staying here for a night. Looks very cozy. :)

 photo 01KampungAirBukitMerakLaketown_zpscae7d42c.jpg
Kampung Air

We walked around that this resort can't accommodate too many visitors at one time, probably around 20 families max. We also noticed that there is a restaurant in this Kampung Air for visitors to satiate their hunger right in their comfort without going elsewhere. Besides Kampung Air also provides traditional massage and sauna service to pamper your tired mind and body. So you can really let loose yourself and relax here.

 photo 02KampungAirBukitMerakLaketown_zps34bfeae5.jpg
Let's go in and have a look.

 photo 03KampungAirBukitMerakLaketown_zpsfb209930.jpg
Ouh...so you have a new toy?

 photo 04KampungAirBukitMerakLaketown_zps8dd8da65.jpg
Jordan boy brought along the umbrella to explore Kampung Air.

 photo 05KampungAirBukitMerakLaketown_zps43c2a9ec.jpg

It felt really good to be "walking" on water when you are in Kampung Air as the whole resort is built on a lake. So if you are staying here, you can enjoy the serene scenery from the comfort of your balcony-to be surrounded by water and lush greenery and not forgetting the beautiful blooms of lotuses. It must be very calming to stand at the balcony admiring the sunset. Aww...I can only imagine.

 photo 06KampungAirBukitMerakLaketown_zpsabc252fd.jpg
Imagine you were to stay on this beautiful little "village".

 photo 07KampungAirBukitMerakLaketown_zpsd9999cfa.jpg
Overlooking these beautiful lotuses.

 photo 08KampungAirBukitMerakLaketown_zps37cf8b31.jpg

 photo 09KampungAirBukitMerakLaketown_zps7cfe6d93.jpg
Looking at the skies can really take all your stress away...

 photo 10KampungAirBukitMerakLaketown_zpsc4b7d4cd.jpg

After strolling for around an hour, we finally decided to drag our tired feet home. But God decided that this outing of ours will be more memorable if it poured. Yupe~we were caught in heavy rain and thank goodness we managed to find a place to wait for the sun to shine again. We really enjoyed ourselves and maybe one day we could come to Bukit Merah Laketown Resort again. I hope our next stay will be longer and we can explore places that we have not been to. :)

 photo 11KampungAirBukitMerakLaketown_zpsd0f7e596.jpg
One for the album. :)