Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Mamee Chef Creamy Tom Yam [REVIEW]

What I'm reviewing instant noodle? Yes. Haha :D So have you tried the new instant noodle from Mamee-the Chef series? Yours truly have tried the Mamee Chef yummy Creamy Tom Yam Flavour which I think is the best so far for any instant noodles. If you are a big fan of instant noodles (we are not supposed to) or if you are hungry and need a sumptuous quick fix for your hunger pangs, try this new instant noodle from mamee. You will be delighted, just as much as I do.

 photo 01MameeChefCreamyTomYamREVIEW_zps484fdb03.jpg
Introducing the new Mamee Chef Creamy Tom Yam instant noodle.

 photo 02MameeChefCreamyTomYamREVIEW_zps8c10ac64.jpg
Comes with "ramen" technology?

 photo 03MameeChefCreamyTomYamREVIEW_zps547a7a26.jpg
Yes. This is makes it a bit more special.

So what so special about this new Mamee Chef Creamy Tom Yam? For starters the noodles itself is different. Now the noodles comes with the so-called "Mi Tarik" (Ramen?) Technology, making your noodles more springy and tender at the same time. Besides there are some shrimps, yes real dried shrimps and some vegetables. And there are also a few limau pulut leaves to make your Tom Yam soup more flavourful!

 photo 04MameeChefCreamyTomYamREVIEW_zps1f2cf98b.jpg
Let's see what's inside.

 photo 05MameeChefCreamyTomYamREVIEW_zpsc1937acb.jpg
The noodles comes in packed round shape unlike the usual squarish one that you get.

 photo 06MameeChefCreamyTomYamREVIEW_zpsdd2926be.jpg
The aromatic Tom Yam powder.

 photo 07MameeChefCreamyTomYamREVIEW_zps575b7bd1.jpg
The inviting Tom Yam paste.

 photo 08MameeChefCreamyTomYamREVIEW_zps2dbbb372.jpg
Aww...there are shrimps, limau pulut leaves and some vegetables.

So are you ready to tantalize your taste buds? First boil the water...wait...wait...I am not supposed to teach you how to cook instant noodles. Everyone knows how to do it. LOL :D And ouh yeah~I forgot to mention that the Tom Yam powder and paste included in this Mamee Chef Creamy Tom Yam is so darn aromatically appetizing. Just a sniff of the scent of the Tom Yam will make you feel hungry and you will start to drool. At least that was what happened to me.

 photo 09MameeChefCreamyTomYamREVIEW_zps0d28356d.jpg
First~boil your water. Ha :D

 photo 10MameeChefCreamyTomYamREVIEW_zps2762cb8c.jpg
Then throw in the ingredients and spices.

 photo 11MameeChefCreamyTomYamREVIEW_zps02e5dcb4.jpg
Last but not least the noodles. It's boiling hot!

 photo 12MameeChefCreamyTomYamREVIEW_zps27e95b86.jpg
Ta~da~Mamee Chef Creamy Tom Yam

 photo 13MameeChefCreamyTomYamREVIEW_zps3687173d.jpg
It is more delicious than its look.

 photo 14MameeChefCreamyTomYamREVIEW_zpsbd2e819c.jpg
Even my wifey liked it. :)

Since yours truly can't really cook amazing dishes like my wife, so this time around I took the opportunity to cook this delicious instant noodles for my wife. Well~my wife also agreed that this is by far the best Tom Yam instant noodle she has ever tasted. The noodles was springy and the Tom Yam broth was lusciously savory. I highly recommend this Mamee Chef Creamy Tom Yam to those who need something to quick and not to mention yummy to eat. :)

 photo 15MameeChefCreamyTomYamREVIEW_zps34a1a06b.jpg
Tekkaus highly recommend Mamee Chef Creamy Tom Yam! :)