Monday, June 10, 2013

I Have Been Busy...

I recalled my last post was on Mother's has been that long huh. So what had happened to me in 20 days? Nothing much...I have been too busy with my real much so that I have neglected this virtual persona that I created a long, long time ago. Besides my family, my hands are full with my company celebrating our 100th Anniversary this year. I have always wanted to write a line or two on this blog...but somehow I just couldn't get that right timing to do so...let alone motivation. However today I made up my mind to blurt out something so that I won't cut off from this virtual world that I have been "indulging" in.

 photo TekkausNotBlogging1_zps1e06f1ac.jpg
I did not forget that I am still a blogger.

So how are you guys lately (referring to my blogging friends)? I guess you guys are still the same old, brand new you huh-blogging like usual. I wish I could do the same but...time factor aside, yours truly really lacked the passion and enthusiasm that could bring me to overdrive. I used to blog very MY VERY OWN expense. In the past I have compromised my sleep and use my limited time to blog...because when my wife and babies are awake I want to spend my time with them. But...I know I'm a nocturnal creature...

 photo TekkausNotBlogging2_zps737124e9.jpg
That's my plan! :D

Sure, blogging earns me a few hundred bucks per month, but I still prefer to do a good "job" in juggling my real world before handling both in tandem. To me, family is everything. So for those of you who have found the so-called balance-kudos to you. For those who can''s ok to get away from your computer, away from blogging. After all nothing matters once you are "disconnected". So when will I return again...I don't know. Anyway take care everyone. :)