Sunday, May 12, 2013

To My Wifey~Happy Mother's Day 2013

It is time of the year again for mothers to be remembered profoundly; The day for us to cherish our dearest, beloved mommy even more that what we usually do. Today is the day when all mothers will be celebrated for their unconditional love and devotion for their children and family. So I wanna wish my dearest, beloved wife-Happy Mother's Day. Wifey~Thank you for being a caring, affectionate and tenderhearted mother to our 2 beautiful babies-Jordan and Jasmine. Our babies are luckiest babies in the whole, wide world to have a great mother like you.

 photo HappyMothersDay2013_zpsf1954768.jpg
Wifey with the 2 Apples of her eye.

To me~my wife is the best mother in the world (only second to my late mommy :p). It's not easy being a mother, let alone one who has to juggle between work and home. No matter what my beloved wifey does, she will always, always put our babies first and herself last! She rarely (almost never) spend any money for herself unlike other women (thank goodness). I really, really adore my one and only wife a lot. I think I am the luckiest man on earth to be able to marry such a wonderful wife. She takes care of us (my babies and I) more than she would for herself. Honestly...I really don't know what my life will be without her. I love you sweetie. Happy Mother's Day to you! :)