Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Is Najib Being RACIST? Why?

This is the question that has been circling in my puny brain these few days. All these while I thought Najib will redeem Barisan Nasional and himself after being appointed as the Prime Minister. Honestly I kinda admired and loved our Prime Minister...until yesterday. I kept on asking myself, "Is Najib being RACIST?" Why does the same man who has been pushing for 1Malaysia suddenly accused the Chinese of not supporting him and Barisan Nasional? I was really sad for I thought Najib was the only glimmer of light that link all Malaysians with his promise of equality for all. Now I know I was wrong.

 photo 01IsNajibBeingRACIST_zpsf0c08c16.jpg
Najib during happier moments.
My family and I really enjoyed his candid advertisement.

Barisan Nasional's victory on the 5th of May was nothing for them to shout about and they, especially Najib, know that he has done terribly worse than his predecessor (Abdullah Badawi-I love him). So instead of blaming on himself for being a hesitant reformer, Najib conveniently pointed the fingers at the Chinese and blamed us for causing Barisan Nasional's victory to be weakened? Why Najib? I really didn't expect you to be so racist??? And blame us for your "defeat"?? Why can't you be a graceful loser?

 photo 02IsNajibBeingRACISTChineseTsunami_zpsf9b0e73c.jpg
How can you label us as Tsunami?
I thought we have the right to vote?

Najib had wrongfully claimed that all Chinese supporters have swung their supports towards the opposition causing Barisan Nasional to lose in a lot of urban areas. Najib said it was a 'CHINESE TSUNAMI' that had dented his credibility to be Malaysia's 6th elected Prime Minister. That statement alone is enough to prove that Najib has never sincerely think about the nobility of 1Malaysia. He wanted to blame it on the Chinese so that DAP's reputation would get a beating and justify his defeat. Turns out...Najib's reputation is on the tightrope right now.

 photo 03IsNajibBeingRACIST_zpsa1e18372.jpg
How can you still put on that 1Malaysia pin
when you keep on making "racist" statements?

The truth is...it was not because of the Chinese...it was a "Multiracial Malaysian Tsunami" that had caused Najib and Barisan Nasional to falter in urban areas. 70% urban voters have REJECTED Najib and his Barisan Nasional. Professional analysts agreed with this shift. Those from urban areas regardless of whether they are Malay, Chinese or Indian...Malaysians are simply sick of the way Barisan Nasional is running the country at theirs expense. So why do Najib still wanna put the blame on ONE RACE only to cover his inability to garner more support?

 photo 04IsNajibBeingRACIST_zps66d43348.png
The fact is most Malaysians have
REJECTED Najib and BN. Period.

It seems that the worse has come to WORST. Today...Malaysians across the country were shocked when UMNO's Utusan Malaysia front-paged the question, "Apa Lagi Cina Mahu" (What else to the Chinese want?). It was a ridiculous statement from a newspaper that is owned by UMNO. Indirectly it means UMNO is releasing this RACIST statement through Utusan Malaysia? The most shocking part is when Najib actually stood up and DEFENDED Utusan Malaysia's claim that we Chinese are being ungrateful! I was totally dumbfounded and I did not expect Najib to endorse this racist statement.

 photo 05UtusanMalaysiaAplagiCinaMahuIsNajibBeingRACIST_zps0451bfdd.jpg
Utusan Malaysia has become really out of control with its racist remarks!

To hear this from Malaysia's prime minister is really hurtful. He should have stood up for us...and not rub more salts against our wounds! For the record: 53.29% of Malaysians supported Pakatan Rakyat...and only a meager 25% (if all Chinese) of them are Chinese. So...can't you read this Najib? Malaysians and not only Chinese, are rejecting Barisan Nasional for being corrupted and fraudulent! Please wake up before it is too late. You cannot keep on living in denial and put the blame on others.

 photo 06IsNajibBeingRACIST_zps04f7ab30.jpg
You might think this is funny but I am sad because
I did look up to this guy to fix all the wrongs that have been done!

P.S.: I hope Najib will repent and come clean about all the wrongdoings that he and Barisan Nasional has done, especially about the tainted 13th General Election. I hope Najib will be remembered for all the good things he has done and not something like this...