Monday, May 6, 2013

Bangladeshi Are Now Malaysians Thanks To Najib And Barisan Nasional?

At least 60,000 confirmed Bangladeshi were flown in from various places to help Najib to vote for Barisan Nasional for yesterday's General Election. Previously a lot thought it was merely rumours, but many...were dumbfounded when they, themselves, witnessed the Bangladeshi lined up behind them, waiting to vote. BUT ONLY MALAYSIANS CAN VOTE RIGHT? These Bangladeshi have become "Malaysians" thanks to our idiotic Najib and Barisan Nasional who gave them free Identification Card to vote!  The worse part is...even our Election Commission who is supposed to be clean and fair let these Bangladeshi vote (several times)! And the worst, worst part is...the police who is supposed to protect us, protected these Bangladeshi to vote instead! WHAT??? How can Najib and Barisan Nasional commit such an act of treachery to us~the real Malaysians?

 photo BangladeshiAreNowMalaysiansThanksToNajibAndBarisanNasional01_zps6829ba82.jpg
How come Bangladeshi can VOTE for our future?

Najib has already foreseen that we-the REAL Malaysians, won't be voting for him. That was why he hired so many Bangladeshi to be "Malaysians". So now you still think that the man who has been championing about 1Malaysia-equality for all, gives a damn about you or me? NO. This devilish Najib doesn't give a damn about you or me (the real Malaysians), regardless or whether you are a Malay, Chinese, Indian or whatever colour that you have. To Najib and his Barisan Nasional minnions, he only cares about votes that will make him stay in power and continue to vacuum more money into his own pockets! To Najib these Bangladeshi are the "loyal Malaysians" that they need.

 photo BangladeshiAreNowMalaysiansThanksToNajibAndBarisanNasional02_zps08f58255.jpg
The police escorting the Bangladeshi to vote.
Are they supposed to protect us the Malaysians?

Think about it...if today Najib and Barisan Nasional can employ 60, 000 Bangladeshi to be voters in General Election...they can make more Bangladeshi to be Malaysians and give them citizenship rights that we have. Imagine one day there are 3 millions, 4 million or maybe 5 million Bangladeshi roaming the streets in Malaysia proudly as Malaysians. And they can do whatever hell that they want just like us-buy our already limited houses, get cheap medical care, use our subsidized petrol etc. Why? Because they are true, blue "Malaysians" mah~thanks to Najib and Barisan Nasional!

 photo BangladeshiAreNowMalaysiansThanksToNajibAndBarisanNasional04_zpsd86b1c34.jpg
Offer letter for Bangladeshi to offer to vote for Barisan Nasional!

Honestly...I, myself, feel like taking the streets to whack all these Bangladeshi who helped Najib to vote. Some of you might say, they have been exploited and used as tools to help the malicious Barisan Nasional. I don't agree with this point because these ill-advised Bangladeshi themselves were greedy enough to accept money from Barisan Nasional to vote. So don't try to be a saint and ask us Malaysians to have mercy on these opportunists, brainless Bangladeshi! Then again the real culprit is NAJIB!!!

 photo BangladeshiAreNowMalaysiansThanksToNajibAndBarisanNasionalPolice_zps6841b270.jpg
"Jib~kor~berapa lagi Bangala kena bawak?"

 photo BangladeshiAreNowMalaysiansThanksToNajibAndBarisanNasional03_zps42c015d1.jpg
We-the Malaysians know the truth!

I hope this wicked Najib, his wick-wearing wife-Rosmah, and the corrupted Barisan Nasional will get their deserved retribution as soon as possible! I believe in Karma...sooner or later the bad deeds you have done will get back to you...albeit a bit later. I feel so bad for their children and grandchildren...I hope they will repent and admit their mistakes as soon as possible..fat chance huh just like Rosmah. Ha :D So karma it will be. See you Najib, Rosmah and all the other ill-gotten Barisan Nasional maggots in Final Destination 7! Kaput!

 photo BangladeshiAreNowMalaysiansThanksToNajibAndBarisanNasional05_zps0fb09972.jpg
Najib...Malaysia's Number 1# Traitor!