Saturday, July 13, 2013

My Wonky Internet Connection

Can't believe it has been more than one month since I last deserted this blog of mine huh. Not good! Not good! *shake head* I really wanted to scribble a lot of things in this virtual wall of mine. Previously it was because I have been busy (I am still am)...however...fate has it that this time around my absence is marred by my wonky internet connection. It seems that wireless internet is not that reliable after all. Who says portability is good?

 photo slowInternet1_zps38758ae3.jpg
Or even non-existence...

Perhaps it is because I am staying in my new home right now which is far away from the city centre. In other neighbourhood is not that "covered" by a lot of internet providers and telcos. Heck~sometimes I can't even make calls with my phone, let alone accessing the internet. And even if I internet connection is like Jekyll & Hyde: ultra smooth in one minute and unbelievably lousy the next minute. Simply too hay-wired!

 photo TekkausAbsence_zpsf8659ed2.jpg
I will be back and firing full cylinders...soon...I hope... :/

So right now I am pinning that my woeful internet connection can be solved by next week. Or else this will continue for a few more months...until...they install Unifi here! Yes...I think UNIFI will be the only way to end my misery! Then again...the people at Telekom told us that we need to wait...and wait...and wait (until WHEN???) As for now...I am virtually out of touch from the "modern civilization". I thought...Malacca is a developed state?