Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Hamburglar Hello Kitty From McDonald's

Hello Kitty is back! Have you got your hands on one of these adorable Hello Kitty from McDonald's? Actually I am not a big fan of Hello Kitty...I think they are nothing but an adorable distraction...a fab. LOL :D But my wife called me in the middle of my work last week, hinting that I should get one Hello Kitty Hamburglar for her if I was free. Of course I would be free right? So I rode my bike to the nearest McDonald's to grab this latest collectible for my wife.

 photo 01HelloKittyHamburglarFromMcDonalds_zps534acb41.jpg
Who wants Hello Kitty plushies?

These exclusive official Sanrio Hello Kitty are only available at McDonald's. All together there will be 4 different Hello Kitty for you to collect. The first one-Hamburglar, was officially released on the 25th of April. Grimace would be introduced on the 2nd of May, Birdie on the 9th of May and of course the most iconic one-RonaldMcDonald would make its first appearance on the 16th of May. Make sure you set reminders, to-do task to remind yourself (again and again) before these 4 cute fluffy Hello Kitty are gone. :)

 photo 02HelloKittyHamburglarFromMcDonalds_zps799a6d84.jpg'
Hamburglar Hello Kitty

 photo 03HelloKittyHamburglarFromMcDonalds_zpsbb8af66e.jpg
I love the packaging.

 photo 04HelloKittyHamburglarFromMcDonalds_zps740a687b.jpg
Very unique. Very collectible, don't you agree?

 photo 05HelloKittyHamburglarFromMcDonalds_zps26d2e0d6.jpg
Aww...isn't it adorable?

Since they are official Hello Kitty merchandise...they won't come cheaply (neither too expensive). If you were to buy these Hello Kitty together with a McValue meal, it will only cost you RM9.95. But if you only wanna grab Hello Kitty, then it will set you back RM15.90 each. Of course it wiser to grab them via the former option, right? That means you will be eating McDonald's at least 4 times in a space of one month to grab them all. Guess I had to do the same as well. :/ For the love of Hello Kitty (that my wife wants) right?