Tuesday, April 30, 2013

6 Days To A New Government In Malaysia?

This Sunday will be the big day in Malaysia's history. One that will decide the future of our children and grandchildren. 5th of May 2013 will be the 13th General Election of Malaysia and it is billed as one of the closest general election ever. We all know that the stakes are high and both parties-the Barisan Nasional coalition and Pakatan Rakyat are firing all cylinders, campaigning to rope in more support for their respective camps. Honestly, none is leading and the tide could turn to anyone's favour. So we have 6 more days to see who will be the victor.

 photo Barisan-6DaysToANewGovernmentInMalaysiaNasional-VS-Pakatan-Rakyat_zps2870beaf.jpg
Showdown: Pakatan Rakyat VS Barisan Nasional

In the beginning Barisan Nasional seems to be losing its support but the uncertainty and lack of consensus in Pakatan Rakyat is eroding a lot of neutral's trust on the latter. Barisan Nasional has been governing the country ever since independence and they do have that credibility in managing our country. However people are disgusted with the high number of corruptions that has been done by BN at the people's expense. Likewise Pakatan Rakyat has failed to agree on the same ideals that is worrisome to a lot of their supporters. The main bane has gotta be the Hudud issue which has always been PAS' ultimate agenda much to DAP's disappointment. Then again in 6 days, a lot of things can happen.

 photo 6DaysToANewGovernmentInMalaysia_zps7abbdfd7.jpg
Will they be the new faces of government?

6 more days before the Royal Rumble-General Election and I am sure everyone is really anxious to know the final outcome. Certainly both Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat will be going for each other's jugular and we can expect a lot of fiery talk, gutter revelation, blatant accusations etc. So are we able to see a new government being formed? Will the overly corrupted Barisan Nasional be replaced by the so-called new People's hope-Pakatan Rakyat? Will the Old Guard be dethroned? That we will have to see. So all of us must VOTE for our better future. It's time to be the Kingmaker!