Monday, April 29, 2013

One Day Eating Trip In Muar

Today we decided to have a very slightly different Sunday. And we planned to have it somewhere down South. So after we have taken our breakfast, I drove around 40 to 45 minutes to our destination-Muar. I have been to Muar several times but not my wife and my babies. It was their maiden visit to Muar and I wanted to make it a memorable one. We loved the journey as it was very, direct...very "straight". In other words it was pretty darn easy to get to Muar from Malacca...the only complaint was the traffic lights...

 photo 01OneDayEatingTripInMuar_zpsb70bfef7.jpg
We are in Muar already. :D

 photo 06OneDayEatingTripInMuar_zps9356f937.jpg
While waiting for our food...

 photo 07OneDayEatingTripInMuar_zpse724c408.jpg
Jordan was obviously very bored...

 photo 02OneDayEatingTripInMuar_zps8be35203.jpg
So what do you wanna do?

 photo 04OneDayEatingTripInMuar_zps09e018e0.jpg
Play with the straw. Ha :D

 photo 05OneDayEatingTripInMuar_zpsabb51b7c.jpg
Jasmine girl was visibly very tired.

Guess what was the first thing we did once we touched down? The weather was accommodating and we were off course we went food-hunting. Of course when we talk about food in Muar there is this very darn, famous street called Greed For Food Street (贪吃街). That was where we were wolfing our early lunch. Our arrival was a bit too early so only a few hawker stalls by the sides of the street were there. Then again the available stalls were offering more than enough variety of food for us to choose from.

 photo 08OneDayEatingTripInMuar_zps5d07e5d7.jpg
Yay! Our food is here. I don't know what this is called. Anyone?

 photo 09OneDayEatingTripInMuar_zps4134520d.jpg
Wifey feeding Jasmine girl.

 photo 10OneDayEatingTripInMuar_zps40a7bbef.jpg
Let the feeding frenzy begins! Wifey busy "tarik-ing" wan tan mee.

 photo 11OneDayEatingTripInMuar_zps4435f94b.jpg
I love this photo. My daughter can't wait to eat. :D

 photo 12OneDayEatingTripInMuar_zps75c84a17.jpg
Jordan boy doesn't seem to be hungry aye.

We found a coffee shop for us to sample the food there. It was a huge corner-lot shop that can house around 100 people I guess. Honestly we really did not know what to eat. So we randomly ordered wan tan mee, shao rou fan, a special delicacy that I couldn't recall the name and of course otak-otak which Muar is famous for. We had to wait for quite some time as there were so many people. It was fun looking at how my 2 babies waiting for their food to arrive.

 photo 13OneDayEatingTripInMuar_zpse181d5ea.jpg
And of course we must have "otak-otak" while we are in Muar.

 photo 14OneDayEatingTripInMuar_zps634e22e6.jpg
It tasted better than the ones in Malacca. :D

Unfortunately...yours truly were too busy eating the moment I saw all those glorious food being "displayed" right in front of me. Perhaps I was too hungry as well? Hopefully next time around I would be able to snap more photos of food to write a proper foodie post. As for me~I believe my wife and babies really enjoyed our one BRIEF day eating trip in Muar. I think we were only there for hour? LOL We can't wait to return to Muar for more food. :)

 photo 15OneDayEatingTripInMuar_zpsccae7c79.jpg
We had a great eating trip today...albeit a short one.

 photo 16OneDayEatingTripInMuar_zps0cc9e018.jpg
Mommy and mini-mommy. Ha :D

 photo 17OneDayEatingTripInMuar_zps2d1290c3.jpg
Hopefully we will be back soon.