Monday, April 22, 2013

Homemade Ice Cream By Wifey

I was given a chilling pleasant surprise when I woke up from my afternoon nap yesterday. After rubbing my lazy eyes, my wife shoved something towards was something icy cold and brown..."Ice Cream?" I asked my wife. Yupe~wifey has made all of us yummy chocolate ice cream. I was dumbstruck to receive my desserts partly because I did not expect it. After all I had a great napping time together with my baby boy and baby girl while my wife was busy in the kitchen. Bad husband. Ha :D

 photo 01HomemadeIceCreamByWifey_zpsdb006dc5.jpg
Yummy chocolate ice cream~nom~nom~nom.

So how did our Chocolate ice cream taste? Two words. Unbelievably delicious. Seriously (no disrespect to my beloved wife :p)~I did not my wife to whip out such tasty ice cream because this was her very first attempt in it. My wife's homemade chocolate ice cream was very, very rich and flavourful. I think it is better than Baskin's Robinss ice cream, SERIOUSLY! After eating my first cup, I immediately requested my wife to give me another one. Ha :D

 photo 02HomemadeIceCreamByWifey_zps635859c4.jpg
My chocolate ice cream. Muahahaha :D

 photo 03HomemadeIceCreamByWifey_zpsb4a56519.jpg
Goodness~I can't believe it is so darn good! :p

 photo 04HomemadeIceCreamByWifey_zpsdcd4d704.jpg
Who wants to try some chocolate ice cream?

Too bad I was asleep when my wife was busy making our chocolate ice cream, if not I would have snapped photos of how she made her masterpiece. My wife's chocolate ice cream was so yummy that I had 3 servings of it last night. Buurrppp. Can't help it. The chocolate ice cream was so darn chocolatey creamy. Yes~very, very creamy. The texture was just right. :) Yours, truly loves ice cream and he knows when he is licking a cup of toothsome ice cream. Again~I wanna thank my beloved wife for taking all the troubles to make us such delicious desserts. I love you. :D

 photo 05HomemadeIceCreamByWifey_zps7f1d3cbb.jpg
Thank you my dearest wife for the ice cream. :D