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Black Pearl 2-The Best Smartphone For Its Price

As some of you are aware, yours truly life companion (taken from Samsung GS4)-my old, trusted Nokia E72 had passed away recently. Rain God was to blame for its unfortunate, badly-timed, demise. My life came to an abrupt halt and I needed a new smartphone to use immediately. After pondering for quite some time I decided to buy Ninetology's Black Pearl 2 smartphone. I am unbelievably impressed with my Black Pearl 2 as it is really, really darn good for its price-RM299 (US$100). It is really a bargain if you ask me.

 photo MainBlackPearl2NinetologyReview_zpsb04159c4.jpg
Ninetology Black Pearl 2

I am so, so in love with my new Black Pearl 2 right now. If you ask is simply one of the best smartphone out there for just RM299 (US$100). Other Black Pearl 2 owners will gleefully nod their heads to agree. Then again the actual price for this wonderful Android Smartphone is RM599. However yours, truly me, managed to get someone (thank you) to allow me to use her "Pakej Komunikasi Belia" to get a whopping RM200 discount. Then the manufactur-Ninetology, throws in another RM100 discount to sweeten the deal. That's why I managed to get this awesome Black Pearl 2 for a mere RM299. :D

 photo 01BlackPearl2NinetologyReview_zps21ffdf06.jpg
I am so in love with "9" right now.

 photo 02BlackPearl2NinetologyReview_zps1a7118e8.jpg
Finally~My Black Pearl 2

 photo 03BlackPearl2NinetologyReview_zpsccf8e399.jpg
From Left: Tangle-free headset, USB cable and charger.

However, before the Scrooge in me decided to part with my RM299 to get this smartphone, I did a lot of research about this Black Pearl 2 from Ninetology. After days of contemplating, I finally took out my hard-earned money to buy my new Black Pearl 2 which I am deeply in love with right now. I must say that I am glad that I bought this smartphone. It is a very, very wise decision to buy the Black Pearl 2 at such a rock-bottom price of RM299 (I can't help it...I have to repeat this again and again). LOL :D

 photo 04BlackPearl2NinetologyReview_zps878ab82d.jpg
My new brilliant Black Pearl 2 :D

Here's what I get in my powerful Black Pearl 2. It sports a huge 4inch IPS screen with 16 million colours with a relatively impressive 244ppi piel density. Under its hood, there is a fast 1.0GHz dual-core processor with 521MB  of RAM to ensure everything is fluid on Black Pearl 2. As for internal storage, there are 4GB for your apps, store photos and of course the Android OS. A bit too little if you ask me but thank goodness you can upgrade your storage with a MicroSD card which can support up to a whopping 32GB of storage.

 photo 05BlackPearl2NinetologyReview_zpse76117d0.jpg
What's inside of my Black Pearl 2...behind to be precise.

 photo 06BlackPearl2NinetologyReview_zps32ad74be.jpg
From left: MicroSD slot and the 2 sim cards lot. :)

 photo 07BlackPearl2NinetologyReview_zps334c93db.jpg
The 1,600mAh battery is more than sufficient. :)

Black Pearl 2 is equipped with an advertised 5MP shooter. However you will be surprised to know that the actual quality of rear camera on Black Pearl 2 is 8.0MP. Yupe! The rear camera has auto-focus, face-detection features and even an LED flash. Not bad for a RM299 smartphone right? However the front camera is only 0.3MP...could have been a little bit better right? As for the connectors, you will get the usual USB 2.0 and 3.5mm audio jack.
 photo 09BlackPearl2NinetologyReview_zpsc34f4056.jpg
My Black Pearl 2 is light, tipping the scale at only 139g.

 photo 11BlackPearl2NinetologyReview_zps58e3c5da.jpg
On top: The power button, micro USB slot and the audio jack.

 photo 12BlackPearl2NinetologyReview_zps483c2522.jpg
The volume rocker on the right.

Now let's talk about the connectivity of Black Pearl 2 shall we? First thing first it supports 2 sim cards which is really a plus point for me. Black Pearl 2 is a 3G (HSPDA,  HUSPA) smartphone that comes with Wifi, Bluetooth 3 and even GPS. Yupe! You can use Google Map and Foursquare with Black Pearl 2. Yay! There is even FM thrown in for those who prefer to listen to radio. Last but not least my Black Pearl 2 is juiced by a 1,600mAh Li-ion battery that can last me for a day with normal usage.

 photo 10BlackPearl2NinetologyReview_zps8d91280f.jpg
I love my new Black Pearl 2 which...white. :D

After using my Black Pearl 2 for almost a week, I must say that I really, really love this smartphone a lot. I have installed plenty of apps in it: games and productivity apps. I know some of you are experiencing problem with its battery life and GPS lockdown. I have solved the battery usage and GPS problems by upgrading the firmware in my BlackPearl 2 into Firmware 17. That is why my Black Pearl 2 can really last me more than a day. So do I think RM299 for this Black Pearl 2 is worth my money? Of course. Black Pearl 2 is by far the best smartphone for its price. :D

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