Monday, April 15, 2013

Psy's Gentleman Is Catchy BUT Awfully Distasteful!

Honestly I have been waiting for Psy's Gentleman ever since he announced about his latest hit song. I believe millions of people across the globe who have been infected by his viral Gangnam Style are eagerly anticipating this latest MTV by the Korean superstar, hoping that Psy can give us another phenomenal masterpiece to match his 1.5billion (and counting) views of Gangnam Style...but I am really, really disappointed upon listening to Gentleman. Psy's Gentleman is catchy BUT it is utterly distasteful...I just don't like it. How about you?

 photo 01PsysGentlemanIsCatchyBUTAwfullyDistasteful_zpsfcd881a3.gif
Psy's underwear-Very Gentleman aye.

Like I have mentioned, millions were anticipating for Psy's Gentleman, and that explains why it has garnered 52 millions views on youtube in just 2 days since its release on 13th of April 2013. But if you were to scrutinize the number of "dislike" which is 110,180 compared to "like"-681,559, you can tell that many people were really PUT OFF by Gentleman. I wonder if Psy is expecting this? So what has gone wrong? The song exudes so much catchy beat, charismatic dance moves and some funny moments...but it still fails to make us feel that Gentleman is pleasurable. Perhaps it is not meant to be so?

 photo 02PsysGentlemanIsCatchyBUTAwfullyDistasteful_zps9d21c5c2.png
So a Gentleman is supposed to vandalize?

 photo 03PsysGentlemanIsCatchyBUTAwfullyDistasteful_zpsd08f77d1.jpg
So a Gentleman is supposed to bully kids?

 photo 04PsysGentlemanIsCatchyBUTAwfullyDistasteful_zps5336ae8a.jpg
The only part that I enjoy. Perhaps because he is bullying a man?

 photo 05PsysGentlemanIsCatchyBUTAwfullyDistasteful_zps206fd154.jpg
New dance chops?

I can't help but feel Gentleman is not going to be a smash hit like Gangnam Style at all. In fact the two cannot be mentioned in the same breath at all. I really, really love Gangnam Style for most of the slapstick jokes on Psy, himself. In Gangnam Style all the jokes "appear" to be lovably, down-to-earth as humble Psy ridicules himself. Likewise in Gentleman, Psy is visibly arrogant and derives his joy by making fun of others...especially women. That is why I find Gentleman so awfully distasteful! YUCK! Then again in Gangnam Style, Psy was poking at the lifestyle of those rich people in Gangnam; Gentleman must be poking at those so-called Gentleman as well I guess?

So do you like the new Gentleman by Psy?

So what do you think about Psy's latst video-Gentleman? Obviously I don't really love it...and I am so not going to watch Gentleman seriously. I can't help but feel that Gentleman is filled with filthy "smog" and it leaves a foul odour in my mouth. Even though the song is meant to poke fun at maybe t girls who want Gentleman...but still it doesn't "taste" good. And I am sure it won't be better than Gangnam Style...not even close. Perhaps you will love this song. But not me...Gentleman makes me feel sick! Then again...why so serious right? LOL

 photo 06PsysGentlemanIsCatchyBUTAwfullyDistasteful_zps1f413490.jpg
Perhaps Psy wanna see if he is equally lovable in different portrayal?