Friday, May 3, 2013

Double Sensation Pizza @ Pizza Hut Jusco Aeon

Two days ago was a special day-Labour Day. Since everyone in our family is not working, we decided not to cook our lunch. Wifey and I have been wanting to taste the latest pizza that Pizza Hut is promoting-The Double Sensation Pizza. Like its name, the Double Sensation Pizza is actually a combination of 2 different pizzas-Cheesy Lava Crust and Cheesy Sausage Stuffed Crust! So how did it look and more importantly did it taste good in my mouth? Let's find out.

 photo 01DoubleSensationPizza_zpse6aadade.jpg
No meal is complete without coffee right?

 photo 02DoubleSensationPizza_zpsc1c71deb.jpg

BUT...BUT...Before we dwell deeper into food-talking, I would like to rant a bit about our outing. My family had been really anticipating this gastronomic trip for a few weeks ever since we saw this Double Sensation Pizza on TV...we really looked forward to this special off day to have a feast. Unfortunately on the way to Jusco Aeon, we were held back for almost half an hour because of a stalled car. Then when had finally escaped from the massive jam, we had to spin round and round looking for a parking lot. Goodness! Yeah...after all it was Labour Day~mah!

 photo 05DoubleSensationPizza_zps38e10dcc.jpg
Mushroom soup was our appetizer. Deliciously salty. :p

 photo 04DoubleSensationPizza_zps0acbb578.jpg
Jordan boy loves it.

 photo 03DoubleSensationPizza_zpsddaa3687.jpg
Jasmine girl enjoyed her mushroom soup as well. :)

On the way walking to Pizza Hut, we saw that almost all the restaurants were brimming with people (even the lousy ones). So we were really worried that we couldn't find a place in Pizza Hut to enjoy our lunch. Fortunately we did manage to squeeze into Pizza Hut and found a table for the 5 of us. My beloved wifey did all the ordering as it would be her treat. Ha :D Mushroom soup and garlic bread were the first to arrive on our table. Both little Jordan and Jasmine enjoyed the soup and bread a lot.

 photo 09DoubleSensationPizza_zps83b441c3.jpg
Gotta thank my beloved wifey for treating us. :)

Up next was the Favourite Platter that my wife ordered. It is actually a combo of crispy criss-cross fries, delicious New Orleans Drummetts and last but not least the special Toasted Chicken & Cheese Rolls. I particularly enjoyed eating the Toasted Chicken & Cheese Rolls as it was my first time savouring it. It was actually a roll made up of tortilla wrap, chicken, mushrooms, parmesan cheese and some mayonnaise. I love how it tasted~crispy on the outside (tortilla) and succulently delicious on the inside. You should try it. :)

 photo 06DoubleSensationPizza_zpsbfd4a3ad.jpg
First time trying this Favourite Platter.

 photo 07DoubleSensationPizza_zps9467c0e6.jpg
Aww...I love this Toasted Chicken & Cheese Rolls.
Somehow it reminds me of Chicken Cordon Bleu in Secret Recipe.

 photo 08DoubleSensationPizza_zps3950d135.jpg
New Orleans Drummetts were soft and juicy. Nom~nom~nom.

Last but not least was of course the main dish that our mouth had been watering for-the DOUBLE Sensation Pizza! Honestly, this is arguably one of the best pizzas we had ever eaten at Pizza Hut. Presentation-wise, it looked really has been a long time since we last saw any beautiful-looking pizza. The sight of those chicken pepperoni was enough to make me drool. Top that up with oozing cheese in the crust. Not only that! You will also be savouring delicious sausages in the middle crust with tender chicken rolls on top. Isn't this what they call...heaven? *drooling*

 photo 10DoubleSensationPizza_zps0f155755.jpg
Behold: Double Sensation Pizza!

 photo 11DoubleSensationPizza_zpsb5024be2.jpg
Goodness...look at the chicken rolls... *drooling*

 photo 12DoubleSensationPizza_zps7bee2b45.jpg
Who wants a piece of hot pizza?

All in all we really enjoyed our lunch. It had been a while since we really had a great time eating pizzas. And I must say that everything tasted unbelievably scrumptious this time around. The mushroom soup was awesome, the favourite platter was refreshingly new and of course the Double Sensation Pizza was truly one mouth-watering pizza with generous toppings and cheese. Highly recommended. :)

 photo JasmineDoubleSensationPizza_zps02d02496.jpg
Jasmine girl~let's go back. There's no more pizza.