Sunday, May 5, 2013

I VOTED To Ubah For A Better Malaysia-GE 2013 [PICS]

This morning I woke up early at 7:45a.m. because it is a big day for all Malaysians-13th General Election. Then I took my own sweet time eating my breakfast until it was around 8:15am. My wife reminded me to leave earlier so that I won't get stuck in the jam. I told my wife not many people would wake up early to vote...or so I thought. How wrong was I. When I reached my polling venue it was only 8:30a.m. in the morning but the voters who turned out were so massive that I had difficulty finding a parking spot for my bike.

 photo 01IVOTEDToUbahForABetterMalaysia-GE2013PICS_zps74767065.jpg
On my way to my voting station-SRJK(C) Malim Jaya.

Come to think of it, I really enjoyed seeing so many people waking up so early to cast their votes. I believed this time around the registered voters turnout would be the highest in the history of Malaysia. WHY? Because we common Malaysians can longer tolerate all the lies that Barisan Nasional have been telling us. We wanted to change and this is the little that we could do-cast our valuable votes! And it is these votes that would change the destiny of all Malaysians!

 photo 02IVOTEDToUbahForABetterMalaysia-GE2013PICS_zps3fe6099f.jpg
Lining up to get into the school.

 photo 03IVOTEDToUbahForABetterMalaysia-GE2013PICS_zps027df394.jpg
So many people huh!

 photo 04IVOTEDToUbahForABetterMalaysia-GE2013PICS_zps9ab9f8e1.jpg
A police officer guarding the "floodgate".

The moment I was lining up outside the school, there were several Barisan Nasional workers who approached me and other voters, urging us to vote for "dacing" (i.e. their scale). I felt so disgusted when I looked at these idiots. These Barsisan Nasional scumbags are not supposed to tell us who we are supposed to vote! Most of us ignored them immediately and continued to look forward to get into the school. Once we got through the "floodgate", we had to sort of register to know which "channel" (room) we are supposed to cast our votes. Yours truly's channel was 6 on the 1st floor of one of the school buildings! Woot!

 photo 05IVOTEDToUbahForABetterMalaysia-GE2013PICS_zpsa329eb43.jpg
Once we are in the school, we needed to register.

 photo 06IVOTEDToUbahForABetterMalaysia-GE2013PICS_zps60b956ba.jpg
Wow..what a stare!

 photo 08IVOTEDToUbahForABetterMalaysia-GE2013PICS_zps9100dc2c.jpg
Yes~received my "Channel"

 photo 07IVOTEDToUbahForABetterMalaysia-GE2013PICS_zps2451e03b.jpg
It's time to line up (again) to really vote.

Even though I had to line up for 1 hour with sweats drenching my shirt, I didn't mind at all. In fact, I believe all the voters who turned out did not mind even a little. Our wait will be a worthy one. We were enjoying this "short wait" for we know our wait for a better, fair Malaysia will come to an end today! While waiting I chatted with the voters around me and even with some police officers. Heck! I even met a lot of my old friends. That is why I really enjoyed casting my vote today. :)

 photo 09IVOTEDToUbahForABetterMalaysia-GE2013PICS_zpsb7454869.jpg
A view from the 1st floor.
Everyone wants their voice to be heard today.

 photo 10IVOTEDToUbahForABetterMalaysia-GE2013PICS_zps669cddac.jpg
Yes. You are not supposed to use your handphone once you are in the voting room.

 photo 12IVOTEDToUbahForABetterMalaysia-GE2013PICS_zps574fac27.jpg
Each voting room will be guarded by one police officer.
It's my turn to go in now.

 photo 11IVOTEDToUbahForABetterMalaysia-GE2013PICS_zpsf1af4619.jpg
I am done!

When it was my turn to enter into "channel 6", I calmly walked to the 3 officers seated in front of the room. I had to show the my ID and the first officer would look up for my name. After that he would use a magnifying glass to scrutinize all my fingers to ensure there was no trace of indelible ink. Once he had confirmed that I was clean, he read aloud my name and ID. I then proceeded to the lady beside him to get my finger marked with the controversial indelible ink. And last but not least I went to the third officer to claim my ballot papers.

 photo 14IVOTEDToUbahForABetterMalaysia-GE2013PICS_zps29c7d6e2.jpg
I have VOTED to UBAH (change) for a better Malaysia.

I happily walked to to voting booth and CROSSED the parties which I believe will make Malaysia a cleaner, fairer country. Of course I am not talking about useless Barisan Nasional with their tampered scale. After that I cast both my valuable votes that will determine a new government tomorrow. Yay! I have fulfilled my responsibility as a Malaysian; More importantly I have done my part to ensure a better future for my children, grandchildren and great, grandchildren. It's time to kick out Barisan Nasional and embrace a new Malaysia for all Malaysians!

 photo 15IVOTEDToUbahForABetterMalaysia-GE2013PICS_zps4d7c4aaf.jpg
This is it. A new Malaysian government will be formed!