Friday, April 12, 2013

Sitting On The Sofa With My 2 Little Babies

We have moved in into our new home for almost 5 months now. Time really flies. So how are my 2 babies-Jordan and Jasmine, "acclimatizing" to their new environment? I must say babies are highly adaptable. They seem to be very used with their new home, as if they were born here. Ha :D Today I am going to publish some photos of me and my 2 babies, sitting together on our new leather sofa~enjoying Chinese New Year songs. It's very rare that I could snap photos of them together with me. LOL :D

 photo 01SittingOnTheSofaWithMy2LittleBabiesPICS_zps026e90f7.jpg
Daddy~mei mei~kor kor.

My babies love to sit, walk and jump on the sofa...much to my "horror". They really love to hang around their new couch. As you can see from my photos, our new sofa is cream in colour. I ordered this colour so that our sofa can blend into our living room which was painted in creamy colour as well. Ok~back then it was almost evening and both of them still refused to sleep. Hence I made them sit on the sofa and listen to songs. So we played them Chinese New Year songs to lull to sleep...

 photo 02SittingOnTheSofaWithMy2LittleBabiesPICS_zps1eb66dda.jpg
Both of them are listening to their CNY songs despite being really tired.

 photo 03SittingOnTheSofaWithMy2LittleBabiesPICS_zps73287db2.jpg
Look at their facial expressions. Priceless! :p

 photo 04SittingOnTheSofaWithMy2LittleBabiesPICS_zps3220a55e.jpg
My Jordan boy is tired already. Ok time to sleep.

 photo 05SittingOnTheSofaWithMy2LittleBabiesPICS_zps23508174.jpg
How about you Jasmine girl?

 photo 07SittingOnTheSofaWithMy2LittleBabiesPICS_zps11f04157.jpg
Aren't you tired?

 photo 08SittingOnTheSofaWithMy2LittleBabiesPICS_zpsb60f85e7.jpg
You still wanna watch?

Still remember my previous post whereby Jordan & Jasmine sleepily watching CNY songs? Yes~both of them love Chinese New Year songs. The love them so much that sometimes they might fall asleep while watching it....because they are too tired. I believe Chinese New Year songs have these zen-like, soothing effects to them. Coupled with the comfrotable sofa they are sitting on, of course they will fall asleep. LOL I love these photos of them together with me. Daddy loves the both of you o. Muack~:-X

 photo 09SittingOnTheSofaWithMy2LittleBabiesPICS_zpse47c687b.jpg
"I wanna sleep as well daddy *yawn*"