Thursday, April 11, 2013

4 New Samsung Galaxy S4 Ads [VIDEOS]

Samsung has finally started their advertising campaign aiming to reclaim the throne that it has lost to Apple temporarily. It appears that Samsung's latest Galaxy S4 is sure to kill iPhone 5 (again). With so much innovations and features loaded into it, Samsung Galaxy S4 is set to be 2013 best-selling smartphone. Do you agree? Of course I would say that HTC One is a strong contender for the coveted "King of Android"; But so far Samsung Galaxy S4 looks totally unstoppable to take over the world this year.

Samsung Galaxy S4-Your Life Companion.

Don't expect any Anti-Apple Apple bashing commercials here. The 4 new ads that has just been released by Samsung for Galaxy S4 are purely about the main features of the smartphone. Yupe! It's better to focus on your strength rather than criticizing others, no. The advertisements show how Galaxy S4 can be your life companion. The first video of Sound Shot shows how you can snap photos and insert snippets of audio into your photos. Very impressive!

Sound Shot-breath life into your photos.

Group Play-makes sharing easy.

In the second advertisement, you will be able to see how you can use Group Play to share media such as music with the people around you. So the more the merrier huh! Likewise you will see how an English-speaking lady effortlessly communicate with her Asian counterparts by using the Samsung Galaxy S4's S Translator. Last but not least you will be shown how Samsung Galaxy S4's Dual-shot Cameras can capture your memories more vividly. Be amazed!

With S Translator you can talk to virtually anyone.

Watch why you should own one Samsung Galaxy S4

So what do you think about the 4 new advertisements for Samsung Galaxy S4. IMHO they make you discover how Samsung Galaxy S4 can accompany you throughout your life (granted that it is that durably lasting). Galaxy S4 is not just another is your life companion that will enrich your life and let you enliven all your priceless moments with your loved ones. I am impressed. I wanna see how Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will stack up against its slimmer sibling later this year. :)