Wednesday, April 10, 2013

5th May 2013-The Election Day For Malaysians

The big day for all Malaysians have been set. Our Election Day will be on the 5th of May 2013, Sunday. This historic day will be the fiercest polling contest in the history of Malaysia. Our Election Commission  has announced today has set the nomination to be 20th of April which immediately signals for the start of formal electoral campaigns...even though it has started months ago. So what is the time for you to cast your vote on Election Day? The voting hour will be from 8a.m. to 5p.m. So make sure you are able to cast your vote ok!

 photo 5thMay2013-TheElectionDayForMalaysians_zpsb959e03b.jpg

Najib has dissolved the Parliament on the 3rd of April to pave way for this upcoming 13th General Election which will be on the 5th of May...which is 25 days away from today. The people-Malaysians will be counting down to decide whether to keep the overly-corrupt Barisan National (BN) in government or welcome new government-Pakatan Rakyat. Will BN regain its two-thirds majority or will it be Pakatan Rakyat who will garner lion share's of the votes?

VOTE for a better Malaysia!

As many as 13.3 million Malaysians are eligible to vote for this 13th general election. It will be a tight one and both parties know that they have to win this or suffer the repercussions that will follow. Will BN's hold on the Federal Government will finally be released after an unbelievable 56 years of ruling? I believe anything can happen and we Malaysians must come out and VOTE for the Malaysia that we want. It's time to stand up and make sure we kick out all those arrogant, corrupted Yang Berhomat and elect the Yang Berkhidmat that we want! It's time for us Malaysians to VOTE!