Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Qing Ming 2013 [PICS]

Qing Ming is here-It is that time of the year again where we could freely and visit graveyards and cemetery without any fear of disturbing the dead from enjoying their rest. I believe those who are six feet under are so restless to wait for our arrivals. After all it is not always (once in a year) that we can get closer with our departed loved ones right? I believe Qing Ming has also brought all surviving family members from different parts of the country (or even world) to be together and do something as a family.

 photo 01QingMing2013PICS_zps49507634.jpg
Daddy painting the lotus.

 photo 02QingMing2013PICS_zps05b130d7.jpg
Some work needs to be done.

 photo 03QingMing2013PICS_zpsc51d0607.jpg
Let's get started.

 photo 04QingMing2013PICS_zps9b73d2b4.jpg
Everyone is doing their part.

 photo 05QingMing2013PICS_zps4f4e6e5c.jpg
New blood-my niece. :)

Last year I couldn't join my family because of my tight working schedule. But this year I am lucky to be able to join my other family members because their "expedition" was held during one of my holidays. :) Unlike the Qing Ming back in 2011, I could only visit 2 cemetery instead of 3. I had to send my babies to the babysitter and then my wife to her office before joining my other troopers  So by the time I meet up with them, it was almost 9am already. Hence I could not visit my great, grandmother. Feels bad! :'(

 photo 06QingMing2013PICS_zps2c7af607.jpg
I am sure my grandparents are elated to see us.

 photo 07QingMing2013PICS_zps60b11059.jpg
Sisterly power!

 photo 08QingMing2013PICS_zps380cf01b.jpg
Everyone is ready for the prayers.

 photo 13QingMing2013PICS_zpsa71185a2.jpg
Golden, silver and colourful papers.

 photo 09QingMing2013PICS_zps7e06f3aa.jpg
We are done: My aunt and her grandnieces.

I met up with them at my grandparents' graveyard. I was the first to arrive, followed by my daddy. My father started by repainting the "flowers" on my grandparents' tombstones. Time has washed away the red paint and of course we had to cover them with new coat of "Red" so that they look more vibrant. A moment later, all my other family members arrived and they too, helped to clean up the tombstones immediately upon touching down.

 photo 10QingMing2013PICS_zpse293a537.jpg
It's time kneel and repent. Haha :D

 photo 11QingMing2013PICS_zps45a1bfdf.jpg
Daddy wishing his parents well.

 photo 12QingMing2013PICS_zps5b19cb04.jpg
Now it is the women, ladies and girls' turn.

 photo 14QingMing2013PICS_zpsf94cf475.jpg
Palace of the Sky.

 photo 15QingMing2013PICS_zpsa4836a01.jpg
Ah Gong~Ah Ma~Enjoy your meals.

My uncle, aunts, cousins and my nieces could be seen busy weeding, placing colourful, silver and gold papers on top of the grave, arranging the offerings such as food, drinks etc. It was really a heart-warming sight seeing all of us working hand-in-hand to ensure our departed loved ones are enjoying theirs "Chinese New Year." This year was a bit special because we were joined by my 2 nieces who were visibly enjoying their close encounter with their ancestors as well. :)

 photo 22QingMing2013PICS_zps56e5628b.jpg
Spotted a dog. :)

 photo 16QingMing2013PICS_zps51bd7b01.jpg
Daddy's guarding all the golden ingots. :p

 photo 17QingMing2013PICS_zps119aeb3c.jpg
It's time to send all the money to our ancestors.

 photo 19QingMing2013PICS_zps6877d6b4.jpg
Are you guys ready?

 photo 20QingMing2013PICS_zps4874f102.jpg
Let's burn them.

 photo 21QingMing2013PICS_zps090600e4.jpg
I warming. :(
But it has to be done. I hope my ancestors have received them.

After sprucing my grandparents' grave, we began our praying ceremony by offering thanks to the "Palace of the Sky" for protecting my grandparents. Then with joss sticks, all of us lined up to utter our best wishes to my late grandparents. Some of us even asked for some fortune (numbers LOL). After that we waited until my grandparents had enjoyed their meals. How did we know? Well...they would tell us. Then we would start to send money, clothes, cars, golden ingots to my late grandparents by burning them. I hope they received them and are happy with what we sent them this year. :p

 photo 23QingMing2013PICS_zps51abb387.jpg
At my great, grandfather's grave. Isn't it beautiful?

 photo 25QingMing2013PICS_zps81d444b6.jpg
Yours, truly in action.

 photo 24QingMing2013PICS_zpsf70c7dcd.jpg
Beautiful "blanket".

 photo 26QingMing2013PICS_zps64cb94d0.jpg
Preparing for prayers.

 photo 27QingMing2013PICS_zpsa11a74d5.jpg

 photo 28QingMing2013PICS_zpsda3f4c65.jpg
Daddy meeting his grandfather again. :)

Last but not least, we headed to my great, grandfather's tomb which is located in another area. It still beats me why my great, grandmother is not buried next to my great, grandfather. Unfortunately my grandfather is not around to answer this question and I doubt my daddy, uncle and aunts could give me an answer. Back to my great, grandfather's tomb-it was located near a school near our old house. I love this cemetery as it looks very serene and beautiful. I guess my late great, grandfather is happy to be here. :)

 photo 29QingMing2013PICS_zpseb5b29e8.jpg
See you again great, grandfather. :)

After we were done weeding the tomb, we blanketed my late great, grandfather with colorful papers and of course the must-have golden and silver paper as well. We started our prayers once all the food and coffee were put up. Our visitation ended at around 12 noon. The weather on that day was rather accommodating I would say. No doubt all of us were tired, but I am sure we enjoyed every bit of Qing Ming. It was a great time hanging out with my daddy and relatives...and of course my ancestors. Until we meet again next year. :)

 photo 18QingMing2013PICS_zps5514477f.jpg
So did you "celebrate" Qing Ming?