Monday, March 25, 2013

Toyota Vios 2013 Officially Unveiled [PICS]

Honestly, Toyota Vios is one of the most beautifully designed car I have ever seen in my entire life. It is minimalist and yet exudes so much character to it. I even jokingly said that Toyota Vios looked like a dugong years ago. So how will the new Toyota Vios which will be launched in 2013 stack up against its predecessor especially in the exterior department? Some claim that it resembles Honda City a lot. So have you seen the photos of the new Toyota Vios?

 photo 01NewToyotaVios2013Official_zps5b92e8d2.jpg
Officially unveiled: The red fiery Toyota Vios 2013

The new 2013 Toyota Vios is now sharper and sportier. Gone are the soft rounded corners that make the previous Vios so elegant. I can't help but feel that the new 2013 Toyota Vios looks more aggressive and rugged. This third-generation of Vios wears a bold new face which has taken its inspiration from Auris Hatchback and Corrola Altis. The headlamps and grille are connected in a v-shape, giving it a sporty look. Turn to the back, you will be greeted by a bigger tail lamps and sharper wrap-around units which are now bridged by a chrome bar across the length of the boot lid.

 photo 02NewToyotaVios2013Official_zpscd5c5941.jpg
What do you think about the new Toyota Vios?

 photo 03NewToyotaVios2013Official_zps1cf56414.jpg
The new Vios sports a sleek interior design.

A peek inside revealed that the new 2013 Toyota Vios has a completely new classy dashboard design that will please those who love futuristic touch. The instrument cluster now features a more swanky three-binnacle design with possibly red  backlighting, while the centre stack uses blue backlighting. The air cond vents separates the audio controls at the top and the air conditioner controls at the bottom. So do you like this new interior design? I think it is really drop-dead gorgeous! :)

The previously leaked photos of Toyota Vios.
 photo 04NewToyotaVios2013Official_zpse3771088.jpg
Front face sports a sporty, aggressive look.

 photo 05NewToyotaVios2013Official_zpsce3ce85d.jpg
More stylish front lamp.

 photo 06NewToyotaVios2013Official_zpsbd03e353.jpg
Fluid and bold curves.

 photo 07NewToyotaVios2013Official_zps2dc6f6d8.jpg
Upsized: The back appears to be longer and bigger?

 photo 08NewToyotaVios2013Official_zps2ba4da6c.jpg
Rear with more personality and volume.

So what do you think about this new Toyota Vios? Personally I have to say that this new Toyota Vios is meticulously crafted to succeed its older dugong-ish sibling. It is undeniable that this Toyota Vios is more sporty and distinguished and of course not to mention looks very, very much LIKE A BOSS! Then again will this newly designed Vios be a unisex winner for Toyota? Will this new Toyota Vios 2013 appeal to the women as well? That we will have to wait and see. The new Toyota Vios is expected to reach our Malaysian shore in the second half of 2013. So can Proton Preve beat the new Toyota Vios 2013?

New Toyota Vios 2013: Like or Thumb Down?