Sunday, March 24, 2013

My Father-in-law's Birthday In Malacca

A few days ago, we celebrated my father-in-law's birthday. This time around, his birthday was special because of the venue of our celebration. All these years, I believe my father-in-law has been celebrating his birthday in Taiping-City of Rain; However this year, he was blowing his birthday candle in the Historical City of Malacca instead. We celebrated my father-in-law's birthday when he came to our new home. You might ask why we didn't go back to Taiping right?

 photo 01MyFather-in-lawsBirthdayInMalacca_zps96bc1ad4.jpg
It was my father-in-law's big day-BIRTHDAY! :D

My father-in-law took a bus to travel all the way down South to have a look at our new home. He wanted to see if the new home where his daughter and grandchildren is spacious and comfortable enough or not? Which of course it is. My father-in-law was in Malacca for barely 15 hours. Like I had mentioned, my-father-law was here just to look at his beloved daughter and grand-kids, so it didn't matter to him if he had to travel all the way here. :p

 photo 02MyFather-in-lawsBirthdayInMalacca_zps5c49b71f.jpg
Happy birthday to you Ah Gong.

 photo 03MyFather-in-lawsBirthdayInMalacca_zps77888695.jpg
Naughty little Jasmine wanted to eat the cake already. :p

 photo 04MyFather-in-lawsBirthdayInMalacca_zps71bc296e.jpg
Father-in-law cutting his cake. :D

 photo 05MyFather-in-lawsBirthdayInMalacca_zpsa7f62678.jpg
Let's feast on the delicious cake. :D

We took this opportunity to celebrate my father-in-law's birthday. To make it an unforgettable one. Of course, we did our best to make sure that my father-in-law had a memorable birthday and enjoyed his brief stay. My wife and her sister has been busy the whole day cooking a lot of delicious food for their beloved daddy (unfortunately we forgot to snap photos of them). Then again all of us really enjoyed the glorious food. In fact...there was so much on the table that it took us almost an hour to wallop everything. I am sure my father-in-law was happy to feast on her daughters' cooking. :)

 photo 06MyFather-in-lawsBirthdayInMalacca_zpsaeef8380.jpg
Happy Birthday....where's the word "Daddy"? :p

 photo 09MyFather-in-lawsBirthdayInMalacca_zps8a0c490d.jpg
Chocolate Indulgence

 photo 08MyFather-in-lawsBirthdayInMalacca_zps90724b35.jpg
One for the album. :)

Of course the part that my father-in-law loved the most was when we sang birthday song for him while he was blowing his birthday candle. We ordered Chocolate Indulgence from Secret Recipe which is his favourite cake. We were actually at our limits already as we savoured the cake because all of us were virtually stuffed with too much that evening. Then again we really enjoyed ourselves. We even had dessert after having our slices of Chocolate Indulgence. We are limitless... Ha :D

The next day while we are waiting for our breakfast.
 photo 13MyFather-in-lawsBirthdayInMalacca_zpsde60869e.jpg
Little Jasmine playing with her spoon.

 photo 10MyFather-in-lawsBirthdayInMalacca_zpsbb6914b1.jpg
Jordan boy playing with his chopsticks.

 photo 11MyFather-in-lawsBirthdayInMalacca_zps126a837d.jpg
father-in-law waiting for his "Yong Tau Fu"

 photo 12MyFather-in-lawsBirthdayInMalacca_zps57374986.jpg
I wonder why we forgot to snap photos of our food later...

After enjoying our meals, we sat down together watching TV while doing some catch up. Family time is always about doing things together and that few hours we spent a lot of time...well...eating together. The next morning before sending my father-in-law to the bus station we had a scrumptious breakfast together. Too bad my father-in-law couldn't stay a little longer as he had to attend to his business the next day. Never mind then, we are going home to Taiping in few months' time. Until then we will miss you daddy. :D

 photo 17MyFather-in-lawsBirthdayInMalacca_zpscf0a3891.jpg
Jordan boy~Ah Gong is going back already lor.

 photo 16MyFather-in-lawsBirthdayInMalacca_zps66992546.jpg
What do you wanna tell Ah Gong?

 photo 14MyFather-in-lawsBirthdayInMalacca_zpsb176ec50.jpg
Show Ah Gong your cheeky smile. :D

 photo 15MyFather-in-lawsBirthdayInMalacca_zps3e70a3c7.jpg

 photo 19MyFather-in-lawsBirthdayInMalacca_zpsa9d6136f.jpg
One for the album.

 photo 18MyFather-in-lawsBirthdayInMalacca_zpse9d6e491.jpg
We will be seeing you again soon daddy. :)