Monday, March 25, 2013

Cristiano Ronaldo Leaves A Vapor Trail [VIDEO]

Yours truly me loves football a lot and sometimes I love to look at commercials related to football. Some time ago I discovered a commercial showing Cristiano Ronaldo running riot against his opponents. Football players, linesman, coach, policemen, photographers and spectators are left in their wake as Ronaldo weaved past them one by one. After wading past all his hapless opponents, Ronaldo effortlessly smashed in the goal and turned around to look at all his fallen rivals. Wow~so the pair of shoes he is wearing Nike Mercurial Vapor is really that good huh!

 photo 08CristianoRonaldNikeMercurialVaporShoesCommercial_zps7803833a.jpg
Now he is not doing a sliding tackle~he is being sucked!

 photo 09CristianoRonaldNikeMercurialVaporShoesCommercial_zps600796cd.jpg
Even the linesman took a tumble because of the vacuum created by...

 photo 07CristianoRonaldNikeMercurialVaporShoesCommercial_zps591b68a5.jpg
The coach seemed so nonchalant at the wake of destruction...

 photo 10CristianoRonaldNikeMercurialVaporShoesCommercial_zps912097c9.jpg
Perhaps he knows it is inevitable?

 photo 12CristianoRonaldNikeMercurialVaporShoesCommercial_zpsb460ff58.jpg
The police had to come in to rescue some football players.

 photo 11CristianoRonaldNikeMercurialVaporShoesCommercial_zpse565b01e.jpg
The photographers are not spared as well...

 photo 13CristianoRonaldNikeMercurialVaporShoesCommercial_zps416548c4.jpg
There Cristiano Ronaldo...leaving everyone in his vapor trail!

 photo 14CristianoRonaldNikeMercurialVaporShoesCommercial_zps67193122.jpg
He is unstoppable alright!

Initially Ronald's Mercurial Vapor commercial looked very funny. Then again when I viewed it again and again, I realized how potentially intricate Nike Mercurial Vapor has been engineered. IMHO Nike Mercurial Vapor boot has been meticulously crafted by Nike to suit football players who are explosively speedy, agile and skillful, just like Cristiano Ronaldo! His scoring record for Real Madrid is nothing but mind-blowingly incredible! Despite being compared to Messi a lot, I think Ronald is different from Messi and he is the better overall player.

 photo 05CristianoRonaldNikeMercurialVaporShoesCommercial_zps4c989124.jpg
The beautiful Nike Mercurial Vapor IX

 photo 02CristianoRonaldNikeMercurialVaporShoesCommercial_zpsc9dd8e22.jpg
Seemlessly designed.

 photo 03CristianoRonaldNikeMercurialVaporShoesCommercial_zps37fd97c9.jpg
I love the texture and colour.

 photo 06CristianoRonaldNikeMercurialVaporShoesCommercial_zps2d243ae2.jpg
Put this on and you can fly~literally!

 photo 04CristianoRonaldNikeMercurialVaporShoesCommercial_zps3d69d315.jpg

 photo 01CristianoRonaldNikeMercurialVaporShoesCommercial_zpsc20523e0.jpg

Perhaps I should get a pair of Nike Mercurial Vapor too~who knows? Maybe I can run faster on the futsal court with this pair of beautiful purple shoes. I wonder if I can leave my opponents a "vapor trail" as well?  Must be expensive. Can Nike sponsor me a pair? Haha :D Now let us watch the video and see how Cristiano Ronaldo tears his opponents apart (Pssst~this does look from a scene from Shaolin Soccer?). Enjoy being left in the vapor trail.

Watch: Cristiano Ronaldo leaves a Vapor Trail!

P.S.: Despite yours truly me being an "Adidas" kind of athlete, I do love this pair of Nike shoes. :)