Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Happy Birthday My Beloved Wifey~I Love You

It's my beloved wife's big day again-Birthday. Every year during my wife's birthday, I will try to make it as memorable as ever. After all your birthday is only once a year and there are 364 more days to go before you next one, right? So on that special day, I brought my wife and our babies to Vivo to give her a special birthday dinner-treat. Actually it was our 4th time dining in this American restaurant. We love the food there as it is simply delicious...albeit a bit expensive for its portions. LOL :D

 photo 01HappyBirthdayMyBelovedWifey-ILoveYou_zpse5c9f504.jpg
My Queen and my little Princess.

 photo 02HappyBirthdayMyBelovedWifey-ILoveYou_zps0c654d52.jpg
What are you doing Jordan boy?

 photo 03HappyBirthdayMyBelovedWifey-ILoveYou_zpsf403b101.jpg
Looking at the menu~I wanna order food for mommy.

 photo 04HappyBirthdayMyBelovedWifey-ILoveYou_zpsacfb5b93.jpg
I wanna tell mommy something.

 photo 05HappyBirthdayMyBelovedWifey-ILoveYou_zps87a49d2a.jpg
"I Love You~Mama"

We loved the environment there as it is very cozy, spacious and well-ventilated (some restaurants can be really stuffy) and well-lighted. There are plenty of food for you to eat at Vivo which is why it is difficult to place your orders. After 5 or 10 minutes~finally we had made up our mind on what to have for this special dinner. My wifey ordered baked fish pasta. My daddy wanted to try New York Fish & Chip while my sister-in-law Baked Chicken Chop a try. How about my dinner? Mine is Chicken Parmagiana which I think is really toothsome. :)

 photo 07HappyBirthdayMyBelovedWifey-ILoveYou_zpsbeb4a8fb.jpg
Green Tea Latte. :D

 photo 06HappyBirthdayMyBelovedWifey-ILoveYou_zpsece7d2da.jpg
Daddy enjoying his aromatic cappuccino.

Of course the beverage would arrive first. My wife and sister-in-law enjoyed their Green Tea Latte which I didn't look green at all while daddy had his cappuccino. So what were little Jordan and little Jasmine doing? Well...we kept them busy by giving them something to play with-sachets of sugar and creamer. :/ My wife's baked Fish pasta was the first to land on our table. It was very cheesy and of course scrumptious. Then it was my daddy's New York Fish & Chip. The fish was very tender and juicy...but the portion could have been bigger. My sister-in-law's Baked chicken chop was really mouth-watering with its tantalizing black pepper sauce.

 photo 08HappyBirthdayMyBelovedWifey-ILoveYou_zpsed592793.jpg
Extremely cheesy Baked Fish Pasta

 photo 09HappyBirthdayMyBelovedWifey-ILoveYou_zps240e28c4.jpg
Tantalizing New York Fish & Chips

 photo 10HappyBirthdayMyBelovedWifey-ILoveYou_zpsf8542655.jpg
Baked Chicken Chop with Yummy Black Pepper Sauce

 photo 11HappyBirthdayMyBelovedWifey-ILoveYou_zps79270013.jpg
My delectable Chicken Parmagiana.

 photo 15HappyBirthdayMyBelovedWifey-ILoveYou_zps51db5e3e.jpg
MUST TRY-Salmon Pizza!

 photo 25HappyBirthdayMyBelovedWifey-ILoveYou_zps2ee2e75a.jpg
I sneaked out to buy Baskin Robbins for my beloved wife. :)

Last but not least was my Chicken Parmagiana~which was very, very cheesy. The deep-fried chicken was crispy on the outside and soft-tender on the inside. I forked a portion of this cheesy chicken Parmagiana and let it melt in my mouth. Goodness...both the melting cheese and the juicy chicken had really intoxicated my tastebuds (perhaps I was really hungry). And ouh yeah~all of us really savoured the Salmon Pizza that we ordered. Damn delicious! After I was done with my dinner I told my wife that I needed to go to the toilet on the pretext that my tummy was upset. Then I headed to Baskin Robbins to buy her a cup of ice cream, which really caught her by surprise. :p

 photo 16HappyBirthdayMyBelovedWifey-ILoveYou_zps37b5a84d.jpg
Happy Birthday to my wife (left) and her twin sister. :)

 photo 17HappyBirthdayMyBelovedWifey-ILoveYou_zps9b8669b9.jpg
Here's a birthday cake for the both of you.

 photo 18HappyBirthdayMyBelovedWifey-ILoveYou_zps899464c1.jpg
Very chocolate-y :D

 photo 19HappyBirthdayMyBelovedWifey-ILoveYou_zpsbd252b53.jpg
My wife and my sister-in-law are happy to celebrate their big day. :D

After our hearty dinner, we went home to call it a day (or so my wife thought). By the time we reached home, it was already 10:30p.m. Just when my wife was about to sleep, I gave her and her sister (they are twins :p) a birthday surprise which was a birthday cake. We sang birthday song and voila we were enjoying our chocolate moose cake-our supper, at almost 11p.m. Nom~nom~nom. Both my wife and her twin sister were visibly very, very happy to celebrate their birthday together. It had been years since they do so. I am happy that they are happy. :)

 photo 20HappyBirthdayMyBelovedWifey-ILoveYou_zps2a7eec32.jpg
As for my beloved wife~I have another surprise for you.

 photo 21HappyBirthdayMyBelovedWifey-ILoveYou_zpsb2167190.jpg
2 surprises to be exact.

 photo 22HappyBirthdayMyBelovedWifey-ILoveYouVincciHandbag_zpsb2c948b0.jpg
A brand new dusty pink Vincci Handbag for you. :)

 photo 23HappyBirthdayMyBelovedWifey-ILoveYouWanTingCD_zps6a43712b.jpg
I hope you will enjoying listening to her songs.

Just before the clock stroke 12, I had one final surprise for my wife. I put it on her bed and she was of course...shocked to receive her birthday gift (after all it the day was almost over). My wife received a new handbag and a CD for her to listen to when she drives to work. My wife was totally over the moon on her birthday. And like the saying goes~a happy wife makes a happy family. Hehe :p I am glad that I could make her birthday a happy and memorable one. Happy Birthday to you my beloved wife. Muack~:-x

 photo 24HappyBirthdayMyBelovedWifey-ILoveYou_zpsca989649.jpg
Happy Birthday to my one and only wife.