Friday, March 15, 2013

Ironman Sponsored by McDonald's? [+ 9 Other Sponsored Superheroes]

Yeah. What if Tony Stark runs out of funds to maintain his multi-million armory? I am sure McDonald's will be more than willing to be his main sponsor. Haha :D Superheroes will never be the same anymore after you read this interesting post. Imagine different superheroes will be blazing different logos of their respective sponsors. Think Nike! Adidas! UPS etc. Gotta thank Roberto Vergati Santos for his wonderful idea which none of us have thought of. I was baffled when I looked at them.

 photo MainSuperheroesWereSponsored-Ironman-McDonalds_zpsf5816269.jpg
The McDonald's logo is cool...but blasting hamburgers is not...

At first I found it to be a bit funny and ridiculous. But what if one day our superheroes really engage in a different sort of war for different sides? It is a bit strange seeing these heroes with huge logos being plastered in their muscular chest...or maybe head. Then again this idea is not completely undo-able. It is feasible and I am sure big boys will start to pay attention to this brilliant idea to make their brands more prominent and not to mention heroic! Hey~even Superheroes need to make a living right? Except...for Tony Start and Bruce Wayne of course... Ha :D

 photo 05SuperheroesWereSponsored-Superman_zpsce696c69.jpg
Superman and Emporio Armani.

 photo 03SuperheroesWereSponsored-WolverineAdidas_zps524bf1a9.jpg
Wolverine and Adidas. Perfect match I guess.

 photo 01SuperheroesWereSponsored-Galactus_zpsa9c48b48.jpg
Galactus (Windows) is blasting Silver Surfer of Apple?

 photo 02SuperheroesWereSponsored-CaptainAmericaCocacola_zps5bdd5bb6.jpg
Captain America for Coca-cola.

 photo 08SuperheroesWereSponsoredCaptainAmericaUPS_zpsb750a2ec.jpg
But I like this even more: Captain America delivering your package via UPS. :p

 photo 07SuperheroesWereSponsored-BatmanNike_zpsdbfebb3b.jpg
Simply awesome: Batman and Nike!

 photo 06SuperheroesWereSponsored-FlashRedBull_zpsc5e5a9dd.jpg wonder he is so fast...because he is a Red Bull!

 photo 04SuperheroesWereSponsored-HulkMonsterEnergyDrink_zps7ae6c8c3.jpg
Monster Energy Drink for a monster like Hulk! And wow...the tattoo!

So which is your favourite? I think mine has got to be Batman and Nike. Both of them compliment each other so darn well. In fact, it appears like Nike is really part of Batman's suit. And the gargantuan hulk and his Monster Energy Drink really tore into each other so well. Ha :D One day our heroes might really be bowing down to these corporate companies. Capitalism will always be the true, lasting villain. be very afraid...

So which is your favourite sponsored Superhero?