Sunday, March 10, 2013

Our Jasmine Girl Is A Bit Naughty [PICS]

In my previous post, I shared how little Jordan has grown up (but he is still very much a baby). Today I am going to talk about his younger sister-Jasmine girl. Guess how big (physically) she is right now? Relatively big if you ask me. :p Jasmine is only 16 months old, but I think she can easily wallop toddlers much older than her. She has been nurtured very, very well while she was still in the womb, thus giving her a strong built to ward off any prospective bully. Likewise...she, herself is becoming a bully thanks to her "intimidating" physique. :p

 photo 01OurJasmineGirlIsABitNaughty_zpseb64ff85.jpg
Little Jasmine ransacking her mommy's purse.

 photo 02OurJasmineGirlIsABitNaughty_zps49938108.jpg
In the car, looking at her ang pow.

 photo 03OurJasmineGirlIsABitNaughty_zpsde156460.jpg
One is not enough, she wants more ang pow.

 photo 04OurJasmineGirlIsABitNaughty_zps598e4680.jpg
You should take Jordan's Ang Pow. You have one already.

 photo 05OurJasmineGirlIsABitNaughty_zpsacf7ef11.jpg
Yay! Finally I have 2 ang pows.

 photo 06OurJasmineGirlIsABitNaughty_zps703ac3df.jpg
What are you showing daddy?

 photo 07OurJasmineGirlIsABitNaughty_zps451e2e5e.jpg
I want more ang pow!

Jasmine girl can be really naughty sometimes. She will bully her elder brother-Jordan boy, like all the time. Whatever her brother is holding or playing with, Jasmine will immediately storm towards him and snatch whatever that Jordan boy is holding. It's like she wants everything that her brother has. Sometimes she already one similar toy and yet she wants the other identical one that her brother is having; She insists that we heed her command or else she will be roaring her ear-piercing scream! Yes, she can be very scary at times. Haha :D

 photo 08OurJasmineGirlIsABitNaughty_zps713f725f.jpg
I want to sleep already.

 photo 09OurJasmineGirlIsABitNaughty_zps2027cb7e.jpg
Good night now my darling Jasmine.

 photo 10OurJasmineGirlIsABitNaughty_zps07658f70.jpg
Mommy and daddy love you Jasmine girl. :)

 photo 11OurJasmineGirlIsABitNaughty_zpsd1828364.jpg
Our sleeping beauty-Jasmine.

Sometimes my wife and I really pity our Jordan boy. Why? Because Jasmine will bully her by snatching his toy and yet he will only look at her helplessly. Most of the time Jordan boy won't forcefully take back what Jasmine has snatched from him. He won't hit his sister even though he is very, very angry at times. That's why Jordan boy is a good brother. I wonder why our Jasmine girl can be so rampant sometimes. Is it because she knows is the youngest in the family?  Maybe that's the nature or babies who have elder sibling(s)?