Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Must Watch: 6 Years Old Girl Destroyed Her Male Breakdancing Competition [VIDEO]

Yours, truly me loves to breakdance (albeit I suck in it). I was totally ashamed of myself when I saw this little girl's breakdancing skills. This 6-year-old girl known as Terra OUTDANCED her older, male competitor in Baby Battle division of the Chelles Battle Pro competition held over the weekend in a suburb of Paris. I was flabbergasted, baffled, dumbstruck and of course amazed with how this pint-size Terra could breakdance so, so beautifully! Perhaps that's not a good adjective to describe her mind-blowing breakdancing skills.

Scroll down to watch the video on how Terra destroyed her competition!
 photo 046YearsOldGirlDestroyedHerMaleBreakdancingCompetitionVIDEO_zpsdc8cff62.jpg
Terra making a grand entrance!

 photo 026YearsOldGirlDestroyedHerMaleBreakdancingCompetitionVIDEO_zpsc4a6cfae.jpg
Watch how she performed windmill effortlessly.

 photo 016YearsOldGirlDestroyedHerMaleBreakdancingCompetitionVIDEO_zpsdd2e5fd5.jpg
Headspinning time!

 photo 036YearsOldGirlDestroyedHerMaleBreakdancingCompetitionVIDEO_zpsaf6ac661.jpg
Terra is really a genius!

Goodness! My jaw dropped the moment Terra started to breakdance. Did you see how she made her grand entrance? What a statement! This 6 years old (WHAT? Only 6 years old) little girl from Soul Meverick Crew of London really showed the world just how agile a little girl like her can be. I watched how Terra danced again and again and it was really a bit incredulous to believe she was only so young. But she really outdanced, out-flared and definitely out-spun her older male rival. She totally destroyed her competition. In competition at all. Wow! Unbelievable!

Watch how 6 years old Terra breakdance!
Make sure you watch everything!

Despite being adorable, no one can deny that Terra can really breakdance. She easily executed windmill,  helicopters and of course the neck-breaking headspin...easily. With plenty of attitude to spare, Terra easily beat her competition. Goodness! Unsurprisingly Terra won the Best Dancer of the Baby Battle. I think she is even better than a lot of adults who think they can breakdance. What an eye opener! Make sure you watch the entire video and I am sure you will be left amazed as well. Enjoy~:D