Friday, March 8, 2013

Jordan Has Been A Good Boy [PICS]

Jordan boy is turning 3 in a few months' time. Even though he is still a baby (or toddler), he has been a good boy so far. Although he would still throw tantrum and act like any other babies, most of the time he has been a good boy who listens to us. In my eyes Jordan boy is a filial son and definitely a loving brother. Yupe! I must say that Jordan has been a great brother to his younger sister-Jasmine girl. Although most of the time (99.99%) Jasmine girl will bully his brother like snatching his stuff, hit him etc. Jordan will not retaliate and he will give her whatever that she wants.

 photo 01JordanHasBeenAGoodBoyPICS_zps3687cb16.jpg
Our little Jordan boy.

 photo 02JordanHasBeenAGoodBoyPICS_zpsa89528ed.jpg
Is growing up fast. :)

 photo 03JordanHasBeenAGoodBoyPICS_zpsb02a5757.jpg
But he is still a baby. :p

 photo 04JordanHasBeenAGoodBoyPICS_zps66c45def.jpg
Right Jordan boy?

 photo 06JordanHasBeenAGoodBoyPICS_zpsb0308f84.jpg
Jordan boy looking at his sweet.

 photo 05JordanHasBeenAGoodBoyPICS_zps3af9e267.jpg
Ah Gong feeding Jordan boy.

Back in Taiping-during our Chinese New Year holidays, Jordan had behaved exceptionally well. He would listen to both my wife and I dutifully without any question. If we forbid him from doing something that he shouldn't, he would not deliberately go against us. That is sometimes that our daughter-Jasmine girl, has yet to "accomplish". Maybe she is still very young. It appears that our Jordan boy has begun to understand what we are expecting from him. Then again...sometimes I have to remind myself that he is still a baby (and he will always be one).

 photo 07JordanHasBeenAGoodBoyPICS_zps8922fdd0.jpg
Sometimes Jordan boy can be a bit naughty too. Look at him. LOL

 photo 08JordanHasBeenAGoodBoyPICS_zps670af537.jpg
So you are full already Jordan boy?

 photo 09JordanHasBeenAGoodBoyPICS_zps228cf9cc.jpg
Sometimes he is up to "no good". :p

 photo 10JordanHasBeenAGoodBoyPICS_zpsb390a49b.jpg

 photo 11JordanHasBeenAGoodBoyPICS_zps2ca87701.jpg
Disturbing us capturing his photos. :p

 photo 12JordanHasBeenAGoodBoyPICS_zps50dbffe8.jpg
Sometimes he can be extremely adorable. :D

 photo 13JordanHasBeenAGoodBoyPICS_zpsf0b8c8c3.jpg
Ok. It's time to drink water.

 photo 14JordanHasBeenAGoodBoyPICS_zps7f7531e4.jpg
He has been a really good boy of ours. :)

When we had our Chinese New Year reunion steamboat dinner, Jordan would sit down quietly in his chair  waiting to be fed. He was smiling, gesturing and playing while enjoying his dinner. That was something that he wouldn't do when he was younger. Seems like someone has grown up a bit huh! Time really flies and now my little Jordan is a big baby right now. I really, really must ensure that I cherish all the moments that I have with him. Like I have said, he might be a bit naughty sometimes but most of the time he has been a very good boy. Right? :p In no time he will a kid, a teenager...then an good boy.

 photo 15JordanHasBeenAGoodBoyPICS_zps75a6975e.jpg
My beloved Jordan boy.