Saturday, February 16, 2013

Tua Pek Kong Temple In Kamunting [PICS]

The first day when we touched down in Taiping, my father-in-law brought us to a temple in Kamunting. Well, it's good to exercise a bit after our heavy lunch; in fact it is always good to offer prayers during Chinese New Year. The temple that we visited is a Tua Pek Kong temple and it has been around for more than 100 years. This temple is special in a sense that it is situated on a hill beside a road which overlooks the army base in Taiping.

 photo 01TuaPekKongTempleInKamunting_zps5ed561db.jpg
Giant joss sticks greeted us at the entrance.

 photo 02TuaPekKongTempleInKamunting_zps9dfa0c26.jpg
Let's go "pai pai".

 photo 03TuaPekKongTempleInKamunting_zpsee3ac59f.jpg
I love to look at these coils.

 photo 04TuaPekKongTempleInKamunting_zps71375134.jpg
They make me feel so comfortable.

When we reached the temple, we had to park the car further away as the road leading to the temple is extremely narrow. Flocks of people were seen coming in and out of them temple. It is a small, simple temple compared to the Tua Pek Kong Temple @ Pasir Panjang that we visited last year. However the number of people who offered their prayers here goes to show how important this temple is to a lot of people in Taiping. My father-in-law said he has been here every year and it is a ritual for him and many other people in residing in Taiping.

 photo 05TuaPekKongTempleInKamunting_zpsd7ad6da3.jpg
It's time to seek for divine intervention!

 photo 07TuaPekKongTempleInKamunting_zps90333d1f.jpg
Let Him listen to your prayers.

 photo 08TuaPekKongTempleInKamunting_zps469eb328.jpg
The funnel where incense papers are burnt.

 photo 09TuaPekKongTempleInKamunting_zpsecf42ada.jpg

My father-in-law told me that the temple was recently renovated, that is why it looked new during our visit. However it is essentially the same old, brand new temple in the eyes of thousands of loyal worshipers. As a first timer, I was amazed with the spiritual energy enveloping this little temple. I could instantly feel its warmth and soothing aura upon entering the temple. The sight of the many coiled incense joss stick welcomes us with arms wide open. Underneath them, you will see hundreds of pineapple-shaped candles being lighted by worshipers to ask for good tidings for this new year.

 photo 10TuaPekKongTempleInKamunting_zps2f13138b.jpg
The beautiful foyer.

 photo 11TuaPekKongTempleInKamunting_zps485d329c.jpg
Inside the temple where people are busy praying.

 photo 14TuaPekKongTempleInKamunting_zps8cdfca7d.jpg
My father-in-law offering his prayers.

 photo 15TuaPekKongTempleInKamunting_zpscdd5c971.jpg

 photo 13TuaPekKongTempleInKamunting_zps680d6985.jpg
Oil-lamps to light up your soul and keep you warm.

 photo 17TuaPekKongTempleInKamunting_zps0809aac9.jpg
The temple-keeper helps to offer "oil" to Tua Pek Kong.

 photo 18TuaPekKongTempleInKamunting_zps44cb3263.jpg
Then he will ring the bell.

 photo 16TuaPekKongTempleInKamunting_zps8a7741f6.jpg
The chime will reach Tua Pek Kong for sure.

Although the temple is small, its presence is really immense. Facing the main foyer of the temple, you can see 2 beautiful pillars standing majestically with carving of dragon and tiger being the backdrop of the entrance. I have this pleasant feeling when I step into the temple. Looking at the altars and oil-lights made me feel happy and light. It gave me that sense of unmistakable peace. I guess that is why I love to visit temple. Its serenity can really make one feel happier and healthier. So have you been visiting a temple lately? :)

All we wish is for our little ones to be happy and healthy.
 photo 19TuaPekKongTempleInKamunting_zpsfbe09e19.jpg
My darling Jordan boy. His eyes really resemble mine.

 photo 20TuaPekKongTempleInKamunting_zps021984d0.jpg
My beloved Jasmine girl. He is growing up fast.

 photo 12TuaPekKongTempleInKamunting_zpsac52dc37.jpg
May our lives be lighted. :)