Friday, February 15, 2013

Family Reunion Steamboat CNY 2013 In Taiping

Here we are again, back in our warm nest in the City of Rain-Taiping. Every year (except last year) we will be returning to our home in Taiping to celebrate Chinese New Year with my father-in-law and this year is of course no exception. We couldn't make it for last year's Chinese New Year because little Jasmine was too "little" (3 months old) to travel and back then both Jasmine and her brother-Jordan, were sick. That is why this year's Chinese New Year is extra special.

 photo 01FamilyReunionSteamboatCNY2013InTaiping_zpsa413afbd.jpg
Let's steam the boat!

No Chinese New Year is complete without family reunion dinner and in Taiping, they have always preferred to have steamboat. That was what we had for our family reunion. Hotpot with lots of food to savour. Since there were 7 of us including little Jordan and little Jasmine, the broth for our hotpot cannot be spicy so that all of us could enjoy it. This steamboat is also very special because it is little Jasmine's very first CNY reunion dinner with her Ah Gong and Ah Ma. Ha :D Did she enjoy her dinner? You bet.

Let's see what we will be having in the boat!
 photo 02FamilyReunionSteamboatCNY2013InTaiping_zps53fdac39.jpg

 photo 03FamilyReunionSteamboatCNY2013InTaiping_zps98f514d1.jpg
Pork livers!

 photo 04FamilyReunionSteamboatCNY2013InTaiping_zps4a429774.jpg
Red meat which is...pork of course.

 photo 06FamilyReunionSteamboatCNY2013InTaiping_zps34f49d2c.jpg

 photo 07FamilyReunionSteamboatCNY2013InTaiping_zpsc79dd47c.jpg
Different kinds of balls.

 photo 08FamilyReunionSteamboatCNY2013InTaiping_zpse378dfc2.jpg
I don't know what species of mussel is this. LOL

 photo 09FamilyReunionSteamboatCNY2013InTaiping_zpsd1ab2062.jpg
Garlic! :)

 photo 10FamilyReunionSteamboatCNY2013InTaiping_zps1b1b3cb8.jpg
Can you tell me how many different types of balls can you spot?

 photo 11FamilyReunionSteamboatCNY2013InTaiping_zpsa0df8f8b.jpg
Fish cake!

 photo 12FamilyReunionSteamboatCNY2013InTaiping_zps07c3772d.jpg

 photo 13FamilyReunionSteamboatCNY2013InTaiping_zpsc1291956.jpg

 photo 14FamilyReunionSteamboatCNY2013InTaiping_zps1a382f9a.jpg
Siu Pak Choi!

 photo 15FamilyReunionSteamboatCNY2013InTaiping_zpsa701eba2.jpg
Mee Hun

 photo 16FamilyReunionSteamboatCNY2013InTaiping_zps37e4ba31.jpg
Our flavourful, toothsome broth!

 photo 17FamilyReunionSteamboatCNY2013InTaiping_zps84549ca9.jpg
And of :p

So what did we have? I think (I am not too sure) we enjoyed 10 different meats: prawns, chicken, pork, pork's livers, crab meatball, different types of fish balls, just to name a few. There were also 5 different vegetables to make our dinner look and feel a bit more balanced and healthy. LOL :D Started our feeding frenzy at around 7:30p.m. and I think we needed at least 4 rounds to finish up most of the food on the table. Yours truly me helped myself to 5 (or maybe 6 ) servings. Now look at my waist... T_T

 photo 18FamilyReunionSteamboatCNY2013InTaiping_zps94556900.jpg
Father-in-law distributing our boat. Haha :D

 photo 19FamilyReunionSteamboatCNY2013InTaiping_zps8d060bc3.jpg
We are patiently waiting...

 photo 29FamilyReunionSteamboatCNY2013InTaiping_zps2b80f485.jpg
Right Jordan boy?

 photo 21FamilyReunionSteamboatCNY2013InTaiping_zps534cc5d6.jpg
Let our feeding frenzy begin!

 photo 26FamilyReunionSteamboatCNY2013InTaiping_zpsbda35eed.jpg

How about little Jordan and little Jasmine? Both of them, of course, enjoyed their food very much especially when they were being treated like prince and princess by both their grandparents. Jordan sat beside Ah Gong and received special treatment from Ah Gong throughout the dinner-being fed like non-stop. Ha :D Likewise Jasmine couldn't get enough of her fish ball from mommy. It is really a happy reunion dinner for all of us.
 photo 24FamilyReunionSteamboatCNY2013InTaiping_zps7fbffcf3.jpg
Jordan has been a good boy right?

 photo 25FamilyReunionSteamboatCNY2013InTaiping_zpsadaba51f.jpg
So Ah Gong will feed you first.

 photo 22FamilyReunionSteamboatCNY2013InTaiping_zpsb3e476ba.jpg
How about you Jasmine girl?

 photo 23FamilyReunionSteamboatCNY2013InTaiping_zps3b898af6.jpg
You have been a good girl too right? :)

My father-in-law was of course, very delighted to see both his healthy little grandbabies sitting beside him enjoying our family reunion dinner. Both little Jordan and little Jasmine are happy to see their Ah Gong as well, even though they have not seen each other for almost half a year. He was beaming with smiles all the time with his grandkids by his side. I would too if I were their grandfather. After all it is not always that we get to gather to enjoy our meals. Moment like this is very important! :)

 photo 27FamilyReunionSteamboatCNY2013InTaiping_zps50d4c53e.jpg
My first round.

 photo 28FamilyReunionSteamboatCNY2013InTaiping_zpsc47c39de.jpg
One for the album.

 photo 30FamilyReunionSteamboatCNY2013InTaiping_zpsefc4005a.jpg
My 4th or maybe 5th which was the last round.

All of us enjoyed our steamboat dinner and our bloated tummies said it all. It is important that Chinese New Year reunion dinners are enjoyed to the max, so that it signifies a bountiful and prosperous year ahead for everyone. Haha :D Until we meet again for next year's Chinese New Year.

For our remembrance.
 photo 31FamilyReunionSteamboatCNY2013InTaiping_zpsbe48d1c7.jpg
Ok this is not good...

 photo 32FamilyReunionSteamboatCNY2013InTaiping_zpsf3657406.jpg
This is not ok either...

 photo 33FamilyReunionSteamboatCNY2013InTaiping_zpse8e23324.jpg
This is...well...our family portrait. :)