Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy Chinese New Year To All Tekkaus' Readers!

It's the time of the year again where you can eat lots of fattening cookies, drink dozens of unhealthy soft drinks and of course, receive tonnes of money-stuffed ang pow from your family and friends. It is Chinese New Year! Sounds perfect right? "Unfortunately" I am not receiving any Ang Pow already for yours, truly me, is an adult, married with 2 babies. So I am the one who is supposed to be giving out the red packets brimmed with cash! Then again I am loving Chinese New Year even though I am giving out lots of money. :p

 photo 01HappyChineseSnakyNewYearToAllTekkauscomReaders_zpsaf91cb04.jpg
I am sure you are receiving tonnes of Ang Pow right?

House-visiting with my 2 little babies, together with my father, brother and dearest wifey, is really enjoyable. Today we woke up at around 7a.m.++ First up, we offered prayers to God and then bathed our little babies.  After eating the fried rice that wifey cooked for us, off we headed to our relatives' houses. One of the best stops has got to be my late grandma's home, where we enjoyed our lunch-scrumptious Ketupat. :) Both my babies really love their late great, grandmother's home because they can roam around freely.

 photo 02HappyChineseSnakyNewYearToAllTekkauscomReaders_zps6a7d4b53.jpg

That's all from me folks. Hereby, again, I would like to wish all readers Happy Chinese New Year. May all of you have a prosperous, blessed year ahead of you. Enjoy receiving and giving out ang pows; Indulge yourselves with all the glorious food; gamble away your hard-earned money; getting drunk with free flow of beer; Most importantly Chinese New Year is about spending your time with your dearest family and loved ones. Family is forever! :)

 photo 03HappyChineseSnakyNewYearToAllTekkauscomReaders_zpsc28043e0.jpg
To get maximum luck and wealth, must have spiky hair like the pineapple!