Saturday, February 9, 2013

Reunion Dinner With My Late Mommy & Ancestors [PICS]

As usual, a day before Chinese New Year, we Chinese will gather and enjoy our customary reunion dinner with our family in the evening. But before that, in the morning, we will be offering sumptuous food and delicacies to our ancestors. It's like we are having our reunion dinner with our beloved departed ones. Do you have this formality in your family? This year was a bit different for mommy dearest because she would be enjoying her reunion dinner in our new home. Yay! Let the feast begin.

 photo 01ReunionDinnerWithMyLateMommyampAncestors_zps83fc24fd.jpg
Happy Chinese New Year mommy. :)

 photo 02ReunionDinnerWithMyLateMommyampAncestors_zpsab2269a2.jpg
I hope you love all the food.

 photo 03ReunionDinnerWithMyLateMommyampAncestors_zps2a54fc9d.jpg
Jom Makan! :)

I am sure my late mommy and my other ancestors who joined the dinner will be pleased with all the food served for them. Altogether there are 12 different dishes for them to savour. We have "Chap Chai" (Watery Vegetables), curry prawn, "ponteh", salted vege soup, curry buah keluak, dried "bak kut teh", mixed vegetables with shredded shitake, black bean soup, spicy vegetables, sweet and sour pork ribs, chicken and of course fish. many food to eat. Yum! Yum!

 photo 04ReunionDinnerWithMyLateMommyampAncestors_zps018cec6c.jpg

 photo 05ReunionDinnerWithMyLateMommyampAncestors_zps4b544141.jpg

 photo 06ReunionDinnerWithMyLateMommyampAncestors_zps3eacb9f1.jpg

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 photo 14ReunionDinnerWithMyLateMommyampAncestors_zps91e66002.jpg

 photo 15ReunionDinnerWithMyLateMommyampAncestors_zpsc7ab7285.jpg

 photo 16ReunionDinnerWithMyLateMommyampAncestors_zps000c209d.jpg
I hope you enjoy yourself. :)

Hopefully mommy enjoyed her feast as much as we did (after we had finished praying). Having said (blogged about) that, we are going to have our reunion dinner pretty soon. Certainly most of us are at the dinner table right now, waiting for another feast right? Hereby I would like to wish all of you a very Happy Chinese New Year and may all of you enjoy your precious family reunion. Let's toss the Yee Sang! Huatt ar!

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Huatt ar! :)