Sunday, February 17, 2013

Tossing Yee Sang On Rénrì (人日)

Happy Birthday everyone. YES! It is your birthday! It is my birthday~it is everyone's birthday. At least for yesterday of course. Yesterday was the 7th day of Chinese New Year aka Rénrì (人日, the common man's birthday); It is the day when everyone has grown up one year older. My family celebrated this special day with special dinner. My wife and sister-in-law cooked a few delicious dishes and we had yee sang later after walloping our scrumptious dinner!

 photo 01TossingYeeSangOnReacutenrigrave4EBA65E5_zpsfd26c8fc.jpg
Our special dinner for Rénrì (人日).

 photo 02TossingYeeSangOnReacutenrigrave4EBA65E5_zpsc56317e3.jpg
Aww...steamed fish with shitake mushrooms. :D

 photo 03TossingYeeSangOnReacutenrigrave4EBA65E5_zpsa961e832.jpg
More mushrooms with broccoli.

 photo 04TossingYeeSangOnReacutenrigrave4EBA65E5_zps69aa832f.jpg
Crispy, oily lap cheong (Chinese Sausage) *drool*

 photo 05TossingYeeSangOnReacutenrigrave4EBA65E5_zpsaf1edb3f.jpg
Butter prawn.

 photo 06TossingYeeSangOnReacutenrigrave4EBA65E5_zpsbecd6d39.jpg
Spicy Chicken.

 photo 07TossingYeeSangOnReacutenrigrave4EBA65E5_zps12e64663.jpg
Salad with prawns.

 photo 08TossingYeeSangOnReacutenrigrave4EBA65E5_zps226727c0.jpg
Creamy egg.

A special day like Rénrì must be commemorated with delicious food. I was actually surprised with the dinner that I had just now. It was not only mouth watering (visually pleasing), my taste buds were enthralled as well. SO GOOD (stolen from KFC). Altogether there were 6 different simple yet yummy dishes for our feeding frenzy. We were served succulent butter prawns, mushrooms with broccoli, spicy chicken, steamed fish with lots of shitake mushrooms, lap cheong (Chinese sausage) and a plate of vegetable mixed with egg (that I didn't eat because I am a carnivore). Haha :D

 photo 09TossingYeeSangOnReacutenrigrave4EBA65E5_zps7187a03d.jpg
Let's begin our Rénrì (人日) dinner.

 photo 11TossingYeeSangOnReacutenrigrave4EBA65E5_zps210aba0b.jpg
Happy Birthday everyone. :)

 photo 10TossingYeeSangOnReacutenrigrave4EBA65E5_zps37da00de.jpg
Jasmine can't wait to start. :D

 photo 12TossingYeeSangOnReacutenrigrave4EBA65E5_zps56082f51.jpg
Little Jordan eating his rice.

 photo 13TossingYeeSangOnReacutenrigrave4EBA65E5_zps860a335f.jpg
My daddy enjoying his dinner.

It was a dinner that all of us savored because we don't really cook such yummy food every day. Butter prawns, lap cheong etc. Usually we will help ourselves to simpler, healthier meals. :p I love feasting on the lap cheong very much. So oily~I am already feeling fat. My whole family had a great time. It's like all of us are celebrating our birthday on the same day. We enjoyed sitting together with our 2 babies, slowly munching on our dinner. Great family time I would say.

 photo 14TossingYeeSangOnReacutenrigrave4EBA65E5_zpsa3fdae74.jpg
Our ready-made Yee Sang!

 photo 15TossingYeeSangOnReacutenrigrave4EBA65E5_zps3f064cbd.jpg
Of course we must have these SALMON fillets!

 photo 16TossingYeeSangOnReacutenrigrave4EBA65E5_zps98eef52c.jpg
It's time to mix all of them together.

You might be wondering, "Where was the yee sang?" You see, we had our dinner at around 7p.m. to celebrate our birthday. Haha :D How about tossing of yee sang? We had it slightly later. My wife and I decided that we should toss our yee sang at 8:18p.m. (which is supposed to be auspicious) so that we can be more prosperous. This year, again we bought the ready-made Yee Sang from Jusco; and of course no yee sang is complete without the "yee" (fish) right? That was why I drove all the way to Jusco to buy freshly sliced salmon fillets for our Yee Sang tossing ceremony. *drooling*

 photo 17TossingYeeSangOnReacutenrigrave4EBA65E5_zps575c6126.jpg
Begin by putting the main ingredients at the bottom.

 photo 18TossingYeeSangOnReacutenrigrave4EBA65E5_zpsec0b8202.jpg
Then add in the "keropok".

 photo 19TossingYeeSangOnReacutenrigrave4EBA65E5_zpsf8c445b4.jpg
Throw in the other ingredients, sesame seeds, spices and herbs.

 photo 20TossingYeeSangOnReacutenrigrave4EBA65E5_zps32a83560.jpg
And of course those beautifully cut salmon.

Preparation of the Yee Sang is always fun. Open the box and you will have different boxes of ingredients and  numerous sachets of herbs and maybe spices for your yee sang. We arranged it neatly and included each ingredient one at a time so that it will be more presentable when we were about to toss it. Last but not least we top up the ingredients with the fresh, succulent salmon that we had bought earlier. After that? TOSS THE YEE SANG~LAR! LAO~AR! Haha :D

 photo 21TossingYeeSangOnReacutenrigrave4EBA65E5_zps60a4c4ac.jpg
Let's toss of Yee Sang!

 photo 22TossingYeeSangOnReacutenrigrave4EBA65E5_zps9ea525b6.jpg

 photo 23TossingYeeSangOnReacutenrigrave4EBA65E5_zps39b2fab5.jpg

 photo 24TossingYeeSangOnReacutenrigrave4EBA65E5_zps0c4e34ad.jpg
Let's enjoy our auspicious Yee Sang!

Don't forget to utter words, phrases depicting prosperous meaning which will bring good luck, wealth and of course health. And of course, it is recommended that you toss your yee sang as high as you can. The higher your yee sang is tossed, the more prosperous you will be (or so they said). All of us enjoyed our yee sang very much...even though it might taste a bit odd...but we love it because it is a very meaningful dish. I hope you guys enjoyed yourselves as well. Happy Rénrì (人日) everyone.

 photo 25TossingYeeSangOnReacutenrigrave4EBA65E5_zps24982127.jpg
Happy Rénrì (人日) everyone.