Monday, February 18, 2013

Crocodile Leather Shoes From My Father-in-law

This Chinese New Year has been an awesome one. The other day when I returned to Taiping, my father-in-law presented me with a gift. My father-in-law actually bought me a pair of Crocodile leather shoes. Woohoo! Imagine how happy I was (am) then. Never in my life have I worn a pair of genuine leather shoes and now I am the proud owner of a pair shoes embossed with the word-Crocodile. I am going to start working today and what better time to put on my new shoes for this auspicious day right?

 photo 01GenuineCrocodileLeatherShoes_zps3ae3f7ce.jpg
*gasp* My very first genuine Crocodile leather shoes.

 photo 02GenuineCrocodileLeatherShoes_zps081489d9.jpg
Look so leather-ly. Ha :D

 photo 03GenuineCrocodileLeatherShoes_zpsa1105ada.jpg
Turn to your right...

 photo 04GenuineCrocodileLeatherShoes_zpsf34b84c1.jpg
And left...

 photo 05GenuineCrocodileLeatherShoes_zpsaa2bcf10.jpg
It's a Crocodile.

You see? To start working on your auspicious day after celebrating Chinese New Year really brings in a lot of prosperity for me. :p My very first one appears in the form of a pair of shoes, thanks to my beloved father-in-law. I am really excited because I have not been wearing formal, working shoes for like 5 years. All these years, I either wear my jogging shoes or my basketball shoes to work. Guess I will look more presentable in this new pair of Crocodile (a~hem) leather shoes.

 photo 06GenuineCrocodileLeatherShoes_zps23e3fb99.jpg
Why this Crocodile makes me feel so comfortable.

 photo 07GenuineCrocodileLeatherShoes_zps305b0f0b.jpg
Ouh! Comfortzone!

 photo 08GenuineCrocodileLeatherShoes_zps514e7668.jpg
Specially-made insole.

 photo 09GenuineCrocodileLeatherShoes_zpsabe65009.jpg
To give me maximum comfort and pleasure.

 photo 10GenuineCrocodileLeatherShoes_zps0bd0052d.jpg feet feel so good.

What I love about my new pair of genuine (a~hem) Crocodile leather shoes is that they are really, really comfortable. When I am wearing it, I can feel how comfortable my feet are thanks to Crocodile's Comfortzone design. It's like walking on my 11inch mattress. Goodness! Besides, these pair of Crocodile shoes from my father-in-law instantly elevate my social status when I step up with it. My wife told me the shoes cost around RM200 to RM300. I wanna thank my father-in-law for his gift. :)

 photo 11GenuineCrocodileLeatherShoes_zpsdf411b4d.jpg
I am already classier thanks to this Crocodile!