Sunday, February 24, 2013

Eating FRIED Ice Cream @ Taiping

When we were in Taiping almost a week ago...while waiting for our food to arrive at Taiping Lake Garden Hawker Centre (which was so crowded), I decided to order ice cream to eat. It's normal to indulge in ice cream since the weather was scorching hot. However the ice cream I ordered is no ordinary ice cream. This fried ice cream is hot on the outside and chilling cold on the inside. Sounds weird right? How can an ice cream be hot on the outside and icy cold in the inside?

 photo 07EatingFRIEDIceCreamTaiping_zps873d18a3.jpg
Fried ice cream. Love-shaped ones. :)

 photo 02EatingFRIEDIceCreamTaiping_zps860cc9d8.jpg
Crispy on the outside~chilling ice cream on the inside.

For the uninitiated this fried ice cream is...literally fried. It seems impossible right? How can ice cream...which is supposed to be cold BE FRIED? That was what I thought too, a few years ago.  I knew the secret behind fried ice cream after trying this elusive dessert for the first time in Petaling Jaya back in 2006. However, I had not tried another until the one that I ate in Taiping recently during Chinese New Year. 7 years. So how about you? Have you tried any fried ice cream before?

 photo 03EatingFRIEDIceCreamTaiping_zps3f73eae4.jpg
My father-in-law enjoying his fried ice cream.

 photo 05EatingFRIEDIceCreamTaiping_zps80625eb1.jpg
My little Jasmine sampling her very first ice cream. :)

 photo 06EatingFRIEDIceCreamTaiping_zpsff4c639e.jpg
The ice cream is chilling cold, right Jordan boy?

 photo 04EatingFRIEDIceCreamTaiping_zps7b973e94.jpg
So how does it taste wifey?

So how do you prepare and serve fried ice cream? Actually the ice cream itself is not fried, not directly at least. A scoop (or maybe 2) of ice cream which is frozen well below temperature is coated with flour, egg or bread before it is briefly deep-fried! Being stored at chilling, frozen temperature prevents the ice cream from melting when you are eating it. So that's the secret! Simple right? My father-in-law, wifey and babies enjoyed our fried ice cream a lot. Yum~yum! We really enjoyed sinking our teeth into them. After all, it is not widely available. :)

 photo 01EatingFRIEDIceCreamTaiping_zps3ceb0aee.jpg
Fried ice cream anyone?

P.S.: Any idea where I can get in Malacca? Seems like it is quite a rarity huh! :)