Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Correct Time To Drink Your Water

How many of you love to drink water? Yours truly me is one heck of a hydrophilic. I think I drink at least 10 litres of water every day. I can even guzzle down 2 litres of water right before I sleep. Of course I will be awakened by nature's call at night (which is not good at all). How about you folks? Do you love to drink water? Why do you drink water? I am sure most of us are aware that drinking water brings about tonnes of benefits. But do you know that we should drink water at the CORRECT time? Like the saying goes, we need to do the correct thing at the correct time(s).


I received an email from my wife stating that a physician has recommended the drinking of water at the correct time to get the best out of every single sip. Meaning that we can maximize the benefits of water if we drink it at the correct times. You will be surprised to know that drinking water at the correct times can even save your life. :) How true is that? I am not sure, but there is no harm following this guide right?

4 Correct Time(s) To Drink Your Water

1~Drink 2 glasses of water immediately after you wake up. Water can help to activate our internal organs, giving them signals to start working. :p

2~Drink 1 glass of water before your meal. Not only will it deter you from eating too much later, water can also help to digest your meal better.

3~Drink 1 glass of water before your bath or shower time. It is said that the water will help to lower your blood pressure which might be spiked due to your bathing or showering.

4~Drink 1 glass of water before going to bed. Besides avoiding night leg cramps, 1 glass of water before bed time can help to reduce the chances of you getting stroke and cardiac arrest.

So what say you folks? Do you buy this information? Too bad I don't have any statistics, journals or research papers to show you guys. Then again, all these guides do sound plausible right? Besides there is absolutely no harm in following these correct times to drink our water right? Hydrophilic rejoice! :)