Friday, December 7, 2012

I Love You For A Thousand Years~My One & Only Wife

Although my wife and I have barely met each other for more than a decade, somehow I feel that I have known her for a thousand years. Of course I have fallen in love with her the moment I looked into her eyes.  I could still remember that breathtaking moment vividly. It was really surreal...even though there were countless number of people in between the both us, I felt she was standing right in front of me, waiting to be hugged. For a fleeting juncture it seemed like everything was so obscure...but deep down inside it was very clear to me that she is the one I need.

A little gift from me.
It's small but I hope you'll love it~wifey. :)

Everything that happened after that was thrilling to say the least. My life has never been the same after my fate intertwined with yours.  It's like both our lives are connected in ways we cannot see with our naked eyes alone...but I can feel is like all our veins are attached to each other''s like are nerves are linked's like our souls are spanning into each other's body. Inseparable...that's what we are wifey. I cannot imagine my life without you. It will be empty...hollow...

You must take care of my heart o~:)

You have ignited my life in a way I can never imagine. The sparks that your fireworks has rained upon me make my life more colourful and exciting. So many things happened in a blink. Yet I am enjoying all these unexpected surprises that we both share and endear so much. Of course we both have our fair share of gloomy days as well. Time and again we have tided through all the waves just like how we have always done. I know as long as I can hold your hands in mine I feel safe.

I will walk with you until we are grey. :)

It's our special day today wifey. Sorry that I have been a jerk from time to time can't help it. Thank you for forgiving all my stupidity wifey. I am really happy that God has brought you into my life. If it was not for His "mistake", I will never ever have a wife as good as you. Sometimes I do wonder why I have such a wonderful...perhaps you owned me too much in our previous lives? Or you were also my wife in our previous carnation? Ha :D That said, I am really blessed and lucky to be your husband.

I am sure you will love this song as well.
I will love you for a thousand years and many, many thousands more!

Still remember we both said that we want to hold each other's hands and walk along the beach, admiring the sunset when we are old? Remember our promise that we both will hold each other's hand and leave together when our times have come? These are our promises and I will keep them. If I have loved you for a thousand years, I will love you for a thousand more wifey. I truly, madly, deeply do love you.

I will always love you~my one and only wifey.