Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Both Of You Must Take Care Of Each Other

At the time of this writing-15th November 2012, I can't believe that I am in my late 20s already. Will be turning 30 in 3 years' time. Then again I am happy that both my babies-Jordan and Jasmine, are growing up healthily and happily. Time flies and in no time both of them will be going to school, becoming teenagers etc. My wife and I feel blessed to have both of them in our lives. Without our babies, our lives won't be this meaningful. This is a post that daddy is writing for the both of you...Jordan and Jasmine. I hope one day you will be able to read this...

Jasmine (4 months old) & Jordan (20 months old) sitting together.
Photos taken on the 25th of March 2012.

My baby Jordan, at the time of this writing he is 2 years 4 months old. Daddy and mommy will never ever forget the moment you came into our world. Your arrival has brought us so much laughter and joy. Every day, you show both mommy and daddy how meaningful life can be. You have always showed us that even the smallest thing can bring so much happiness. Jordan boy~you are really a great Kor Kor (brother ) for little Jasmine. You have always loved Jasmine girl even though sometimes most of the time she seems to be bullying you. When she hits you, you will never hit her back. You will pick up the toys that she has thrown at you without getting angry. You really love your sister. Both mommy and daddy are happy to know that you are taking care of your little sister.

Jordan boy sayang (showing his affection) little Jasmine.

Jasmine girl, you have never failed to amaze both mommy and daddy. You have shown us how strong and bubbly you are no matter what will happen. Like your brother, you are cheerful and energetic all the time. Mommy and daddy are very happy to know that you love your brother a lot. No matter where he goes, you will want to follow. Your brother is the first that you want to see every single day when you open your eyes. You want to hug your brother; you want to play with him...but sometimes you are a bit too aggressive. That goes to show how loving you are huh. :)


Jasmine (1 year old) & Jordan (2 years 4 months old)
sitting together, listening to songs.
Photos taken on the 10th of November 2012.

Jordan boy~Jasmine girl, mommy and daddy are really, really grateful to have both of you. No matter what happens in the future, we will always love you. We are happy to see that both of you are getting along really, really well. So one day...when daddy and mommy become old...and have to leave both of you...just remember that both of you must take care of each other, even though you have your own families. That is a promise~o. :D