Thursday, November 15, 2012

How To Get 6-Pack Abs The Easy Way

I believe many men want to look not just good...but really, really great. Besides grooming, men these days are turning into gym rats with the hope of sculpting their bodies into mean machines. Yours truly me, WAS once quite active in pumping irons as well. Nope! I have never stepped into any gym but I have a few dumbbells for me to work out with. Before I became a father, I was still very, very active and HAD a well-chiseled body. IMHO of course. :p

Wanna know how to look like them?

Before the arrival of my bundles of joy, I couldn't comprehend why a lot of married men are (no disrespect) so FAT? "Don't they wanna exercise for the sake of their health?" I scoffed. However, after being married and embracing fatherhood...I realized that I am now one of the FAT fathers that I have "mocked" before. :'( I am totally out of shape and I don't see how I can return to my lean self again! Working and taking care of my babies have really drained out all my energy every single day. There is no motivation at all. So how can I get 6-pack abs again?

Getting 6-pack abs have never been easier.

Introducing the Ab-hancer, which promises to enhance the shape of your abdominal muscles by sculpting it into the respective 6 perfect packs. With Ab-hancer, you can get a 6-pack in seconds (WOW!). All you have to do is strap this ground-breaking 6-pack frame around your waist, grab a remote control and watch your favourite TV! And after a few hours of watching TV, you will get your perfect 6-pack abs. How easy huh!

WOW~The Ab-hanceeeeeeeeeeeer!

Hahahahahaha :D OK. Enough monkeying around. A~Hem (clearing my throat) How I wish it is this easy to be fit and healthy again huh. The truth is, nothing worthwhile comes easily and I know that I won't be able to be fit again unless I really exercise hard. Like the saying goes, "No Pain! No Gain!" So sorry that this post is so misleading huh. That goes to show how desperate some of us are. :p So who else is out of shape? Perhaps you can try the above Ab-hancer? :p

Look at his 6-pack! Hahaha :D