Monday, October 1, 2012

Playing Lantern & Candles: Happy Mid Autumn Festival 2012

Last year, we were able to celebrate Mid Autumn Festival in Taiping, together with my father-in-law. Unfortunately, this year we could not make time to go back home. We missed enjoying our food and mooncake while admiring the full moon in our yard; We missed hanging a lot of those colorful, traditional (easily flammable) lanterns outside our home in Taiping. Ha :D So next year, we must find time to celebrate Mid Autumn Festival in Taiping again. :)

The only lantern that we have this year. :)

As for this year, our Mid Autumn celebration a moment ago was a simple one. What we did was lighting candles in front of our home (instead of lanterns) and lit one lantern that we bought for Jordan boy. Then we brought Jordan boy around our neighborhood for a stroll together with his Winnie The Pooh lantern. Most of the time, it was me who helped him to hold the lantern. Perhaps it was too big for him? :p It's a shame to realize that we are the only family who was enjoying the Mid Autumn Festival the traditional way? I didn't see any lanterns or even candles in our neighborhood...perhaps theirs are in their smartphones and iPads. :/

Jordan boy meeting Winnine the Lantern for the 1st time. :)

He is poking his lantern.

He is enjoying "playing" with his lantern. Ha :D

Jasmine joined in too. :)

After all our short-lived candles had melted, off we went back into our home to enjoy our mooncakes. It has been a year since we had any of these sweet delicacies. My wife and I decided to try the Oriental Passion from Casahana. The mooncake was delicious and my baby boy really loved it a lot. He kept on asking for more after nibbling off a huge chunk out of it. That goes to show how sweet these treats are huh! Although our Mid Autumn Festival was a simple one, it is still quite memorable for me. :)

I am happy to see him, enjoying his lantern.
Happy Mid Autumn Festival Everyone! :D

P.S.: So sorry for the poor quality of photos. Can't be helped as I don't have a good camera yet. :p

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