Monday, October 1, 2012

Najib Sent Me A Letter Asking Me To Vote For Him!

After tabling his "impressive" Budget 2012, Najib followed up his vote-fishing campaign by sending me a letter urging me to vote for Barisan National. Najib has earlier showed the nation how good his budget 2012 can be. With "sugar" being laced in virtually every pages of his budget, the commoners will surely notice how good the government can be huh! Government servants will be ecstatic with the "bribes" being spoon fed to them, making sure they put the cross in the right box. Fence-sitters will be undecided until the very last moment...unless they are seeing the bigger picture. How about you?

I thought the letter was from a bank...turns out...

Honestly I am not "impressed" with the budget at all. Minus the 1% reduction in tax, the Najib's Budget 2013 is clearly designed to FISH VOTE for the coming general election. Civil servants are of course delighted with the announcements of bonus after having their increments some time ago. Some of the "benefits" were downright ridiculous. Youth will get RM200 rebates to buy smartphones? For what? To stimulate our market? Shouldn't that money be channeled to help the poor and needy? Why the government didn't table a mechanism to reduce the escalating prices of houses? Instead they are encouraging more people to buy expensive, overpriced houses. :/

How come BN knows my address?

So I can only build a future with him as our Prime Minister? Not really...

So the letter that I received came at no surprise at all. I am sure I am not the only one who is receiving this huh. I believe millions of registered votes, especially the youth have received this "invitational" letter to vote BN for the coming general election. I thought the Election Commission (SPR-Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya) should keep our identity private instead of leaking it out to the government? Well...this goes to show how UN-independent our Election of Commission is huh. Meaning that they have to heed the government's orders as well? There goes our fair and clean general election...

We need to change...if we want a better, fair, unbiased future for our Children.

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