Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Nuffnang Paid Me RM7451 Extra In 3 Minutes

Yesterday when I was checking my Nuffnang dashboard, I was shocked to see that I suddenly had  an extra RM2,485.50. How could that be? I thought I have just cashed out RM5703.22 a few days ago? Perhaps this is what they say, "durian runtuh" from Nuffnang? Ecstatic, I immediately hit the cashed out button to retrieve my money. After cashing out my bonus, I checked my Nuffnang dashboard again...again...I had another RM2483 waiting to be cashed out. So I cashed out that amount my deserved money. Ok...I started to feel something is not right. So I checked my Nuffnang dashboard again...and of course there was another RM2483 for me to cash out. So in 3 minutes I cashed out RM7,451 from Nuffnang?

In just 3 minutes, I have cashed out RM7451 from Nuffnang.

Of course I knew something was terribly wrong with Nuffnang. I had to jumped down from the cloud 9 that I was riding. To good too be true? Too bad. I realized that other bloggers are having these extra "Cash" in their account as well. I hope they know this is a glitch in Nuffnang's system. In fact this is not the first time Nuffnang is having such a problem. I believed that Nuffnang has been hacked.  I can't help but feel that Nuffnang's framework is kinda fragile. :/ So far these extra, invalid "bonuses" that I had cashed out is still in my payment history. I indirectly contacted Nuffnang (Twitter mention), however there is still no response neither there is any announcement. So Nuffnang is really going to pay me the extra RM7451?

P.S.: How I wish this was not a glitch. Nuffnang should pay us extra bonus from time to time. :p