Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Celebrating Mid Autumn Festival In Taiping

On the last evening of our visit in Taiping, we decided to celebrate Mid Autumn Festival together. I have never ever celebrated this meaningful day out of Malacca before. So yeah~this is my mid autumn in the City of Rain. Kinda fitting if you ask me, especially if beautiful scenery, lush greenery and fresh air all around me. Best of all, it was little Jordan's very first Mid Autumn Festival as well. And it is customary for us to play lantern during this special festival. Can you guess what lantern my beloved wife bought for Jordan boy? Stay tuned. :p

It's time of the year again to hang up our lanterns. :)

We agreed not to cook, hence we drove to Prima Coffee Shop where I had my best Wan Tan Mee to buy our dinner. At night this place will turn into an unbelievable food haven. I think the food here are simply irresistible. Too bad I can't stay long enough in Taiping during my every visit, if not I will try the food served by each and every stall. Ha :D After we "ta pao" (packed) our meals, off we headed home for our Mid Autumn dinner. I was quite excited as this was my very first time "officially" celebrating mid autumn with a proper dinner. Usually I will just have mooncakes.

Wifey feeding Jordan boy.

These were what we feasted on. Yummy~

A~ha! Little Jordan and his Red Angry Bird lantern. :D

Did you just "slingshot" it? :p

Jordan was obviously fascinated with the LED inside of the bird.

When we were back at home, my father-in-law and I swept the front yard. We also hung some traditional paper lanterns and lit up lots of candles. Yep~no fluorescent lights for that night. Then we placed the huge coffee table in the middle of our front yard. Then what's next? Of course it's time for our feeding frenzy. Our sumptuous meals (the 3 packets from left) were chicken rice (I guess), spicy chicken fried with eggplant (I think) and stewed black pepper pork (I reckon). Besides that we also had curry chicken, cheese cakes,  fruits and of course mooncakes. Not bad at all aye? :p

Don't you think these lanterns are beautiful?

Little Jordan seems to love them. :)

One for the family portrait. :)

Aww~enjoying our meals, overlooking our gorgeous paper lanterns. The gentle evening breeze that caressed our faces made this whole dinner more memorable. Little Jordan of course enjoyed himself very much. Why not when he was being fed with yummy food while playing with his Angry Bird Lantern. LOL :D I believe little Jordan's "Ah Gong" (grandpa) was really happy that he was by his side. Time flies. So will we be having such Mid Autumn Dinner again next year? What say you Jordan~boy?

Mid Autumn Festival is all about family being together right? :)

P.S.: Sorry for the not-so-good photos shown above. My camera is not good enough *sigh*.

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