Saturday, September 17, 2011

Talk-A-Thon: Talk Yourself To FREE RM5,000 Shopping!

It is undeniable that most of us are talkative. The moment we wake up, we will open our mouth and talk and talk and talk and talk and non-stop. We talk to our spouse, family, friends, pet, colleagues and even to ourselves. Some of us love to talk so much that they have to call someone to talk to. Sometimes we talked on the phone so damn much as if we our mouths are running in a marathon event. *pant~pant* Don't you agree? Now what if I tell you that you can be handsomely rewarded for doing what you like to do the most-talking. So can we talk now?

We just love to talk on the phone, don't we?

Do you believe me that just by talking and talking and talking on the will be able to go shopping for FREE. Yes! All your evaporated saliva gone during your talking marathon can actually "buy" you the things that you have always wanted all along. Now imagine yourself being all dressed up in the latest clothes and trendiest trousers from Topshop for FREE...or get the latest wardrobe set from IKEA for FREE? So our pockets won't be burnt and we don't have to tie our stomach for the whole month. Aww...who doesn't like something for FREE right?

All of us love SHOPPING, don't we?
Want this Lavish Strappy Platform Sandals from TopShop for FREE?

How about a new full HD 52" TV for FREE?

Just by can even easily win yourself RM5,000 worth of IKEA furniture.

Now you can go shopping for FREE without bringing your wallet or purse (don't forget your ID of course).  This is for real! All you have to do is talk and you will stand a chance to win RM5,000 shopping vouchers! RM5K...imagine how much you can shop with this amount! Now how cool is that right? It is time to start browsing your phone book to call your forgotten friends and relatives? Besides getting to win that RM5,000 you can also get in touch with your friends and loved ones. Isn't this what we call killing 2 birds with 1 stone?

To win RM5,000 shopping vouchers, all you need to do is talk...
...about your favourite music?

...about the upcoming EPL match?

....about how you are stuck in the rain?

...about how you are not going to work?

If you are on XPAX, U.O.X. or S.O.X., you will be in the running to win the RM5,000 shopping vouchers. How to be in the running? Simple: Make additional 3 calls a day above your July daily average. It doesn't matter if you are a new or existing users like me. Want me to sweeten the pot up for you? There will be 5 daily winners of RM5,000 chosen every single day from 15th August till 30th November 2011! So there will be 108 winners with total prizes of RM540,000 shopping vouchers! Damn! So my chances of winning is very, very high~lar? I am so HIGH right now. :p

Join Talk-A-Thon to win RM5,000 shopping right now!

Wanna join this exciting contest? Do you know what it is called? The contest that will be giving a total RM25,000 of shopping vouchers daily is known as Talk-A-Thon! Are you ready to get your share(s) of the half a million ringgit? How can you precisely do it? Basically there are 2 simple methods:

1~Xpax, U.O.X. or S.O.X. members:
~Make 3 additional calls per day above your average daily calls made in July 2011.
~Find out your average daily call in July by dialing *118# to find out.
~Let's say your average daily calls in July is 3, so all you need to do is make 6 calls (3+3) in a day to qualify for the daily reward.
~If you are a new Xpax, U.O.X. or S.O.X users (activated after 31st of July), all you need to do is to make 3 calls a day to qualify.


2~Celcom Broadband & Instanet users:
Celcom Broadband users can be in the running just by doing one of the following steps:
~Purchase additional data volume (1GB@RM15, 5GB@RM50).
~Just send 20 SMS (15 sen/SMS) in a day using your Broadband .
~Upgrade your package (eg. Celcom Broadband Lite to Basic, Basic to Advance, Advance to Pro)

Instanet users just need to subscribe to any of Instanet Daily (RM5), Instanet Weekly (RM18) or Instanet Monthly (RM50).

You just need to make extra 3 calls today!

So if you win this awesome RM5,000 shopping vouchers, where can you use them? 
~In Peninsular Malaysia: Parkson, Giant, Cold Storage,Guardian, Mercato, Econsave, IKEA, Celcom Blue Cube, i-Study (Apple authorized reseller – Klang Valley only), Forever 21 (Penang & Klang Valley only), Topshop (Penang & Klang Valley only) 

~Sabah & Sarawak:  Parkson, Giant, Farley, H&L Supermarket

Watch how you can shop for free just by talking. :p

Damn~winning has never been so easy right? Talk-A-Thon really knows how to make us win aye. So what are you waiting for folks? It's time to start making those calls to easily win that RM5,000 shopping vouchers. I am already planning what to "TAKE" from IKEA with my RM5k shopping voucher. Maybe an L-Shaped  genuine leather sofa for my new home? Using "The Secret" I am sure I will be in the running to win my furniture. LOL :D Pick up the phone now everyone! Join me as one of the 108 people to win RM5,000 of shopping vouchers!

Visit: for more details.