Saturday, September 1, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3-The Most Amazing iPHONE Yet!

In case you don't know, Apple has won a legal battle against Samsung. Samsung has been (ridiculously) found guilty to infringe patents that don't even belong to Apple. Samsung has to pay Apple a staggering US$1billion. It's a pity that Samsung has lost out to Apple who basically steals other people's stuff and made it their own. [According to 9gag] Apple even claimed that Samsung products are "substantially the same as theirs..." Except that Samsung smartphones, for example Galaxy S3 comes with bigger screen, better performance, more features, more free apps and lower price. SO?

So now all Samsung smartphones are actually iPhone?

So what are you waiting for? If you are an Apple fanboy or fangirl, you must get the latest iPhone which is actually the Samsung Galaxy S3! So Samsung Galaxy S3 = Apple; Apple = Samsung Galaxy S3. Wow...simple equations aye? This is one of the best "advertisement" from Apple ever, don't you agree? In your face, Apple! OMG! Samsung smartphones look nothing like Apple's iPhones ok? The only think that looks like iPhones...are all the iPhones. Example: iPhone 4S looks the same like iPhone 4. Lame fruit! :/

You (even you Apple Fanboys and Fangirls) KNOW the truth!

Kudos to whoever who came out with this brilliant "advertisement". It goes to show how much people hate Apple for trying to monopolizing the market with patents (that are not really theirs to begin with), and then sell their not-so-good iPhones at higher prices. Even Forbes has questioned Apple's unfair victory. I really f*cking hate Apple for oppressing others by stealing things that belong to someone else! Apple is like a robber who claims someone stole things that they had robbed!