Sunday, September 2, 2012

Jordan Boy Playing With BIG Basketball

They say children always want to be like their parents; Our little ones look up to us-their old folks and want to emulate us; Our little ones wanna do what we do-they wanna imitate us. That is why we have the saying, "A Chip Off The Old Block!" Sometimes I can't help but feel my little Jordan is like a chip off his old block-ME. Ha :D It's like he is a mini me. Then again I am his papa, so naturally a little baby like him will try to follow his papa's foot steps.

I am teaching Jordan boy how to play basketball.

Yours truly, me loves sports and basketball is one of my favourite hobbies. Used to play basketball 3 hours daily back in secondary school. I believe basketball has helped me to become physically fit and mentally sharper. Not to mention I became more "popular" back in school as I were the school player *ahem*. Of course I want my Jordan boy to pick up playing basketball so that he will be tougher and more importantly enjoy the outdoor life, away from computer, tablet etc.

These photos showed (a few months ago) Jordan playing with the basketball.
Ah~Dan~Can you lift it?

I love the look in his eyes. His is full of determination.

The ball is really heavy!

Jordan was all smile when he "owned" the ball! Ha :D

Hopefully Jordan will become a hardy boy as soon as he picks up playing basketball. Do you know that playing basketball rigorously can help to sculpt your body? My friends have always thought I was a gym rat when they look at me. Then I told them I have never been to any gym. The only 3 "gyms" that I know  are basketball court, football field and futsal court. I want my little Jordan to spend a lot of time playing basketball, just like how I did when I was young. :)

Little Jordan boy playing with BIG basketball. :D

If you were to ask me, "Which do you prefer? Basketball or computer games?" The answer is pretty obvious-basketball. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy playing computer games (from time to time), but I still believe that playing computer games is a waste of time! Likewise, playing basketball can make you healthier and happier. That is why I want my little Jordan to enjoy playing basketball too. I want him to be an active, all-rounder. Hopefully one day he can be a sportsman too.

My Jordan boy is growing up fast.

P.S.: However I am worried that he would get injured a lot, just like me. :(